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  1. 21crasj

    I have had my 2000 vstar1100 custom for about 8 months now, and havent been able to put alot of miles on it ( 300 or so). I have read a few other posts here about the vstar being kind of a noisy bike. The noise ( actually 2 noises) I am hearing, which seem to be getting more noticeable, are a high pitched whine from front of motor related to rpm almost a whistle pitch. Also people talk about valvetrain noise and ticking valves, what I hear can best be described as a sewing machine sound also related to rpm. This second noise seems to getting more pronounced. The bike has just under 11k miles,and I am unsure of previos service history. The high pitch whine I have actually heard on other yamaha bikes ie. 1100 virago. Are these familiar noises to anyone or everyone? thanks,jim

  2. poppj

    most of the 1100 v stars make noise....i switched to full synthetic oil and it is a lot more quiet...if you have a wind shield the noise sounds louder...they are great bikes...they have a very strong engine...they will run for ever...bob

  3. bkman

    Jim, the whine is normal - it's a Star thing, I think (other models do this too) and the engine on your bike is basically the same motor that was in the Virago, so there's no coincidence.

    The ticking (sewing machine) noise is also normal and it will vary, based on the oil you choose, the age of that oil and the temperature of the engine. It may be getting worse because you are in need of a valve lash adjustment. These engines have manually adjusted valve lash, and they are supposed to be adjusted periodically.

    I have a service contract on my bike, so I haven't done my valves yet (the dealer has) but there are threads here that explain how to do this, and I hear it isn't too terribly difficult. There are also a number of threads here on oil - you might want to do some looking around. I don't want to start another one here

    Good luck


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