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Another 'bored'thread.........but a question this time.

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  1. JuzdSdewe

    LOTS of people (1300 owners), have relocated their (along with myself), to other places on the bike.
    Has ANYONE had the balls to actually try and remove that ugly piece of metal hanging off the right front where the original mount was yet?

    I mean, I have dremel tools, grinders, all sorts of destructive (or can be destructive), tools laying around here and at the shop at my disposal, but actually wondering if someone has done it, and how did it look when they were done?

    Thanks, (and, yes, I"m still bored).

  2. ylzhooder

    You're talking about the original horn mount right?

    I looked at doing that, but I really don't think I could get it smooth looking like the rest of the frame is. And then there's the matching of the paint. I think I'll just hang my guardian bell from it.

  3. JuzdSdewe

    Yep, that gawd ugly piece of metal hangin' off the right side front frame where the original horn mounted to. Just looks ugly as sin sitting there.
    Totally concur tho. That's why I wanted to know if ANYONE HAS cut it off, and what THEY did to 'make things' right with the world, asthetically speaking.
    Anyone? Bueller? BUELLER?

  4. ogie

    I left mine....and hung a freeway blaster on it. ogie

  5. ylzhooder

    The way that mount is welded to the frame, it really does give the impression the horn was an after thought on this bike. Don't it.


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