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  1. donjlip

    A little history. I bought a 2003 V star classic at the end of last summer.It came with modified pipes I thought i could live with the backfiring but it was starting to get on my nerves I removed the AIS today and installed the Night Sky plugs.Took my time did not have to remove the frame tube to install the front plug With Night Sky plugs you could put the system back if you have to. Well the good part is I eliminated about 90% of the backfire Still have a little pop now and then Thanks to this forum for all of the info i needed Tony

  2. Sduplyumbr

    Your right, this is a great place. It has answered all my questions.

  3. silverfox39

    I'm new to this and would like an explanation. AIS? Night Sky plugs?

    I recently bought an '02 Custom 1100 with a Bub exhaust. It runs rough as a cob right now and a friend says I need to get a Dynojet Stage 1 kit to replace the aftermarket set-up I have now. Make sense?

  4. wzdartan

    Try searching the old threads for "Air Injection System". There are some old posts that should explain things for you.

  5. bkman

    silverfox39 wrote:

    ...a friend says I need to get a Dynojet Stage 1 kit to replace the aftermarket set-up I have now. Make sense?
    That does not make sense to me, but then I don't know what is wrong with the bike. It sounds like you don't, either, which is why buying a kit is not the best solution, at least not until you know what is wrong. Heck, you may just need new spark plugs or an air filter.

    I would suggest digging into things a little bit before you decide how to fix it. It may save you a lot of money. Do you know what modifications have been done to the bike before you bought it? Was the bike sitting a long time before you bought it? How many miles are on it now? Until you know this, you really are just throwing money at the problem (which DOES work sometimes) .

    In reality, you may just need to clean the carbs really well. Unfortunately, in order to do that, you really do have to take the carbs apart (that is my opinion). Really, you probably should go inside the carbs anyway if you don't know exactly what has been done in there. You weren't specific in your description of an "aftermarket setup", so I have to assume that you are not sure what has been installed (in terms of jets and needles). Not knowing that will make the job much more difficult, though, so some exploratory surgery would be time well-spent (again, this is my opinion).

    My point is that, if I were you, I wouldn't go spending money on anything until I knew exactly what I was dealing with.

    A real-world example:

    I recently purchased a used bike for my wife, and it was running pretty bad when I got it. I didn't know where to begin, but I knew that the exhaust was NOT original, and the previous owner told me that there had been some sort of intake on it at one time (it had been removed by the time I was looking at the bike). I had no idea how the carbs were set up, but I knew I couldn't solve anything until I got in there and learned what I was working with. I started by taking the carbs completely apart. Once inside, I found that it already had a Stage 1 kit in it, and one of the o-rings from the idle mixture screws was completely missing - the other o-ring was installed on the wrong side of the flat washer! Other than that, the carbs were just VERY BADLY gunked-up, and they were WAY out of adjustment. All I had to do was clean them really well, put them back together the right way, and it started right up and ran beautifully. The total cost to get the bike running right was about $10 (for the carb cleaner and a new o-ring).

    Good luck with this - there are a lot of people who will help you here.

  6. JacgieW

    Oh No! Another post that I can relate to. I must stop all this hihacking.

    I have been thinking about this for a day or so. My classic has popping issues and has actually died a couple times. The previous owner evidently added several aftermarket items but it has stock mufflers. I am thinking he may have had pipes on it and it has been rejetted. Maybe he put the stock mufflers back on it before selling. Is there any way to tell if it has been rejetted without getting too involved? Does this make any sense?

  7. donjlip

    I'm new to this and would like an explanation. AIS? Night Sky plugs?I recently bought an '02 Custom 1100 with a Bub exhaust. It runs rough as a cob right now and a friend says I need to get a Dynojet Stage 1 kit to replace the aftermarket set-up I have now. Make sense?
    AIS is a form of polution control Most riders remove it to eliminate backfire when open pipes are installed Night Sky Plugs is a brand of replacement plugs you install in the cylinders after AIS removal. I don't think it will help your situation right now Tony

  8. bkman

    Is there any way to tell if it has been rejetted without getting too involved? Does this make any sense?

    The only thing you can easily check is the pilot mixture screws. There are pressed-in brass covers over these screws from the factory (to satisfy the EPA and deter user-adjustment). When a jet kit is installed, these brass caps are usually drilled out to expose the mixture screws (because it is necessary to adjust them once the jet kit is in place). This, being the only external part of a jet installation, is the only ready evidence of any carb work.

    If you look at the bottom of your carbs, around the base of the float bowls, you may notice a hole (one on each carb) that appears to go up inside the carb. Way up inside that hole, there is the PM screw. If you see no such hole but, instead, a brass cap that appears to be part of the carb, it is more than likely that no internal carb work was ever done.

    Do a search (perhaps on google) for drilling pilot mixture screws for some images of this - it is a little hard to explain.

  9. LiddleBen

    Sorry to hear that your bike runs rough. The first thing I would try is a tank of good quality midgrade gas, a can of sea foam and 2 new spark plugs. If that doesn't help let's talk more indepth about exactly what the bike is doing.

  10. silverfox39


    I appreciate your thoughts and comments. The plugs on my bike are new, I've run some carb cleaner through a tank of gas and its still running rough. I took it to a local bike mechanic and he took the carbs off and thoroughly cleaned and adjusted them. Still rough. He told me I have aftermarket jets and I should go back to the original, so a stage 1 kit has been ordered.

    The bike accelerates well, but the problem is "coasting" at about 2000 rpms. That's when the missing is most evident. Since the last visit to the mechanic, it's also backfiring more too. It has some Bub aftermarket pipes and a Baron big air kit.

    I bought the bike after riding a Honda Shadow Sabre for a short time. I like it much better, but I'm still very new to all of this. The neighbor who sold it to me had it for about six months before he got the Harley bug. It seemed to run well for him. Did I mention it's an '02 1100 Custom? Anyway, I'll take it back to the mechanic on Monday afternoon and see if he can figure it out. I'll let you know.

    Thanks again.

  11. LiddleBen

    Missing on decel, That sounds weird. My classic kind of pops and rumbles on decel. I got the backfiring on decel like everyone else until I completely removed the AIS system. Did you say that the AIS is removed?

  12. AtrianF

    Sorry if I am opening up this thread again but..........
    I have a 2005 V*1100 Classic I have done the exhaust mod (remove rear baffles) at first it was ok no popping backfire on decel but in the last few days the bike is starting to backfire and pop on decel.
    Can I safely remove the AIS on this model? I think I read somewhere that it would be a problem if the bike had a cat converter. Is this right? Should I remove the AIS anyway? Maybe temporarily bypass to check it out and put back if problems?


  13. tunc

    hey adrian have a look at this link might help ya

  14. AtrianF

    Have look at....

    This is where I see the dont do it if you have a cat converter.


  15. tunc

    ok read it and can only see it sayin 05 Calif. and all 06 and later bikes. yours is a 05 aussie model so should be right
    in sayin that maybe someone here that has done it can inform ya more exactly
    bloke at work has done this mod 05 model ill ask him what the go is

  16. AtrianF

    OK thanks muchly appreciated. I wann do it right and safely thats why I am a little hesitant to do this. I have the mechanical skills to do it I just didnt want to cause anymore trouble than I already have.


  17. tunc

    guy at work had drilled ex and pulled the ais off had no probs
    now hes gone to slip ons and hasnt rejetted either and said poppin is very minimal
    best help i can give ya adrian

  18. AtrianF

    OK tunc I will do the AIS disable/removal this weekend and see how it goes.



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