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Almost wrecked today

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  1. 1zdcor7

    I was on my way to work and there was a school bus with yellow caution lights flashing, meaning it was slowing down to stop to pick up children. Well, I guess the bus prematurely put the red flashing lights on and two cars in front of me stopped abruptly. I wasn't following too closely but it caused me to stop abruptly, locking up the back tire, slightly fish-tailing the rear to the right and I tried my best to skid/steer between the bus and a pick up. I stopped in time without falling and bumped the rear passenger-side corner of the truck's bed with my left mirror, causing no damage, except to the inside of my boxers <whew>. Scared me half to death. It seems though my back tire is "too easy" to lock up. I guess the rear brakes are too good - generally they account for 30% of stopping power.

  2. Bratfort

    Glad you're alright, I had a similar situation with some kids who were doing about 45 then decided to stop, I was about 50 ft behind them but I glanced down to see how fast i was going and during that time they decided to stop..... did the exact same thing, the back locked up really fast, slid out to the right. That was an eye opener, not to mention almost a heart attack!! I only had the bike 3 days!!!

  3. wzdartan

    Glad to hear you are ok. The boxers can easily be replaced!

  4. quicgmicg

    Those things scare the s**t outta me. I'm just glad you are ok.

  5. yaro

    Try Oxi-Clean for your boxers.

    But seriously, I'm glad you're OK. I only did that once on parking lot practicing emergency stopping. I locked the rear wheel and skid slightly. It really scared me.

  6. BikDok

    Glad to hear you are okay!

  7. 1zdcor7

    Awe shucks - you all are so nice!


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