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  1. yacgpozz34

    Anybody on the forum living in the Anchorage, Alaska area. It's a little late in the season to do any real rides (and frankly my schedule is pretty tight now anyway.) However, I'd be interested in hooking up for something next spring or summer. Just keep in mind I'm just a FNG and I may slow you down!!!

  2. Tacgtriwer

    How many riding days do you figure you have in Alaska? Im in AZ, so I figure about 300 days a year. When I lived in NE, I figured about 120 days a year.
    Just curious.

  3. roukhriter8

    I lived in Alaska in the late 90s while in the Army. Its still in my blood. I miss it so much. Both my kids were born there. We would ride for the last time as a group during the labor day holiday. Then we would ride snowmobiles.

    I once rode to the Kenai on a fishing trip on my bike. We usually ate what we caught. We caught more than we anticipated. I strapped a cooler to the rack and hauled salmon home.

    There is a spot on the Anchorage side of the Kenai peninsula that has a sign stating it was the western most road in the US. I think Eagle Point or something like that. We were there during the salmon run looking for eagles. I bet there were a hundred there eating. One landed about 20 feet away from a buddy. Awesome place.

  4. yacgpozz34

    Thanks for the reply. I suppose the number of riding days depends on how hard-core you are. The roads are usually clear of ice by about April and we usually get our first snow in October or November. So if you can handle the wet and cold, you could probably ride 180 days a year. This is my first bike, and I bought it about 4 days before I came back up to work here in the Arctic, so I've got a grand total of 130 miles riding. I guess I'll find out how hard I am in the coming months. I go home on the 1st and will hopefully be able to ride for most of the two weeks I'm home (when I'm not taking care of chores around the house, of course!!!) I THINK the road you referred to is the road to Hope, Alaska. I really do love living here, it's one of the most beautiful places on earth. But you pay for the beauty in the form of less than desirable weather. I suppose I should do some of the stuff I get paid for now, but thanks again for the reply.


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