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  1. wzdartan

    I did the complete AIS removal last night. The elbows came right out of the heads with a slidehammer. I made a custom "l" hook end for the hammer and it worked perfectly. The removal of the down tube was not necessary, as I fashioned the tool to work around it.
    I replaced the elbows with the Night Sky Customs "no chirp" plugs. All went well.I chilled the replacement plugs in the freezer and they drove right in. The tool did not damage the elbows, so I have all of the componets of the system intact, should I ever need them.
    I guess now it is time to start shopping for the pod kit. I am looking at the SS pod/cam kit from Shane . I might as well purchase the cam/pod kit package and save a few bucks. I know the cams will be next on the list after pods anyway!
    I know Shane can set me up with the proper jets to do the mods in stages. I'll wait untill mid winter to install the cams. I'll get rid of the Dynojet needles and jets that I am currently running and return to the stock needles with shims and Mikuni jets. I will als do all of the required mods to the '07 carbs (grind main jet holder,disable selenoids, drill fuel channel). If I can get them, I will also go with the "Maxmix P.M.S. from Maxair.
    The only question is which cams to get..the 420's or the 424's. Do any of you guys have either of these installed? How do you like them? I'm really curious to see just how strong this V-Twin will run after I give it what it needs to "wake it up"!

  2. zcoddjdvohoddj

    OKay i will bite, Why and what does the removal of the AIS system do for the bike. I have a 08'1100 Classic, I have put Road House slip on pipes and that is about all the mods I have done so far. I am looking for more performance. So, should I jet and if so what should I jet with or is removing the AIS system all I need to do?

  3. Callibjkian

    The AIS (Air Induction System) takes intake air and puts some into the exhaust ports to allow the engine to burn any excess fuel/air mixture to reduce emissions. In addition to emissions this also causes the bike with addition of higher flowing exhaust and/or intake to pop and backfire, mostly on deceleration. I don't know of any performance enhancement effects, but is definitely a vast improvement as far as sound. Plus, backfiring never seems like a good idea, even though I have actually read places that say "A well tuned performance system should be expected to pop and backfire a little" I call BS on this, but I'm sure some smart people have looked at that. lol



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