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ais removal

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  1. cmkippj

    i cant lie, i did it in half the time, ALTHOUGH i didnt remove down tube, i was lucky and got a slide hammer from work w/ some vise grips. removal/installation was a breeze. i did cap vacuum on carb, and ensure caps were tighten. i am going to start all over in the morning and see if i missed something. i wrote night sky customs about the problem and he had same advice.
    the aftermath was my problem. i think my throttle advancement is whacked! i am half positive it is a good tune i need.
    glad that your went well i just need another look

  2. wzdar6

    Worked On My Friends Bike Today. Did The AIS Removal And Used The Baron Plugs. Thank Goodness We Didn't Get The Whistle I Was Worried About. The Plugs Drove In Really Tight. Was Harder To Drive In Than The "No Whistle Plugs" That I Used On My Bike. Also Adjusted His Shock. Man Was That A Pain In The Butt. Also Installed A Oil Relocation Kit And Changed The Oil In The Rear End. The Instruction For Shock Adj. In The Manual Is A Joke. When Yamaha Built The Bike The First Part Was The Shock And Then They Built Around It.

  3. cmkippj

    vstar 20,
    how is your nightsky customs plugs working out for you?? good running after install or?? my bike is still in shop with multiple probs man, DANG!
    anyway is the spring adjustment worth attempting yourself or just getting a shop to do so, i mean since mine is already in there. i think i need to be at highest setting(7) due to the fact i have lowering link set to lowest setting.

  4. wzdar6

    I Think You Could Do The Shock Adjustment In About An Hour. It Was Pretty Had To Turn With The Spanner Wrench. I Sprayed A Little Lube On The Ring And Had My Friend To Pick Up On The Back Of The Bike To Take Some Tension Off The Spring. The Job Looked Like A Real Knuckle Buster, But I Came Out Ok!! No Blood Lost!!

  5. wzdar6

    I Forgot To Mention About The Plugs. They Seem To Be Working Ok. I Did Ride To The Mountains Friday. I Got Some Popping Of The Pipes. I Thought Something Had Gone Wrong With The Plugs. Couldn't Find Anything Wrong. The Popping Quit After I Got To A Lower Elevation. It Also Was The First Time I Had Rode 2-up Since Installing The Plugs.

  6. vgink18054

    I got the baron kit today. thanks wzdar6

  7. wzdar6

    wking man the postal service is really slow. i think it took 9 days to ship from n.c. to ark. if i was in a hurry i'd use ups. hope the plugs work ok for you.

  8. quicgmicg

    I finally got some time to do my AIS removal. My new PCS Thugstars showed no better time to make the swap.

    I purchased a slide hammer kit from NAPA Auto Parts (part # 775-3911) for just under $70.00. It has the adapter to screw into a large curve jaw Vise Grip (Vise Grip # 10WR). It comes in a nice metal box and is definitely a well built slide hammer. It has a whole bunch of other attachments that will insure I'll use it for many future car and bike projects.

    The rear plug popped out with about 4 or 5 strokes and the front (due to the right down tube not being removed) took about 10 strokes once the vice grip was adequately attached. Side covers were removed and the entire AIS system removed, new pipes installed, bike cleaned, tools put away in 45 minutes with my son's help.

    The look is awesome! So much cleaner without the AIS tubes and the new pipe? Well.... It looks so much different than anything else out there, that my buddies have asked if I had it custom made. The sound is incredible. Some day I'll find my digital camera and pop a pic or two,.....

    Thinking about removing your AIS? GO FOR IT! You'll be glad you did. It's easier than it appears when you have the right tools for the job.



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