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  1. wzdar6

    i have disabled the ais on my 1100 but not removed it. i have bought a Baron kit that has the plugs and the punch to seat them. what i'm worried about is a warning about some users have a slight whistle. i'm sure this would drive me crazy. has anyone used this kit. if the manufactor gives this warning there must be quite a few with this problem. just can't make my self install it,but know i must remove the ais. HELP calm my fears if you have any experience. THANKS.

  2. mzchmitd

    I installed the Barons AIS plugs in my 1100. I only put about 1000 miles on it after it was installed due to trading the bike in on a Raider. But I had no problems with any noise or whistling from the install. The front plug is a real pain in the butt. I would imagine that a sub par install there would maybe cause the whistling. Another plus to the install is that it really cleans up the left side of the bike.

  3. quicgmicg

    Here is an alternative option to the aluminum plugs. I bought one but have not installed it yet....

    Guaranteed "NO WHISTLE" and much easier removal if you should ever have to do so.

  4. wzdar6

    thanks for the replys. the baron may be ok. just haven't got the nerve to try it. i just ordered the no whistle kit off ebay. now i got a baron's i won't need if anyone needs it.

  5. quinnyim

    thanks for the replys. the baron may be ok. just...
    I have heard that it helps to put the plugs in the freezer overnight before the install. This shrinks them slightly so they go in easier.

  6. Ravhite

    Installation of the front plug is easier if you remove the frame down tube.

  7. wzdar6

    Ravhite you are right about removing the down tube. i looked at it yesterday and saw that it is in the way. looks like the ais removal will take me at least 1/2 a day. just getting the 1100 on the jack is a major job. yamaha didn't do us any favors. nothing the jack touches is on the same plane. i use alot of shims to get it level. haven't received the NO Whistle Plugs yet but got e-mail that they have been shipped. looks like the seat,gas tank,neck cover, right floorboard and my ORK filter will have to be removed just to remove the down tube. i'm hoping the weather stays bad so i can get it installed. if it's 70° i'll be tempted to ride instead.

  8. quicgmicg

    Tag us back and let us know how it goes.


  9. cmkippj

    i have also just purchased the AIS kit from ebay, "garunteed no whistle" for like $26.50, i am going to go ahead and pull everything off while awaiting for pasrts to arrive.
    i will post back anything i find to make it easier. the front plug does look hard to access though

  10. wzdar6

    i afraid to pull everything off before i receive the plugs. the weather may turn off great and want to ride more than wrench turn!! looking forward to hearing how the removal goes. GOOD LUCK!!

  11. wzdar6

    the offer is still good on the baron kit, if anyone want it. cost 20 bucks plus shipping. i'll send it to the first one who ask! if more than 1 i'll send to the one with the most post. heck! i'll even pay the shipping. this post may not be too clear. i'm giving the kit away and paying the shipping. drop me a line!!

  12. quicgmicg

    again...let us know when you get it done. I'm waiting for a new set of pipes from PCS before attacking the job...will post pics

  13. cmkippj

    i have finally recieved ais removal kit from "night sky customs". i have followed the intructions which was rather easy for removal and installation. i had no problems what so ever.
    HOWEVER; my bike runs like complete shit! exhaust "pops" on acceleration & deacceleration, it also act as if it "misfires" during acceleration, there is a very strange "hiss" coming from head as if plug releasing air. more or less it has bee nthe worse experience ever. i only plray to god i missed something simple or need to tighten something. i couldnt even get out of enighborhood the bike ran so poorly

  14. Ravhite

    i have finally recieved ais removal kit from "night sky...

    Is the hiss comming from the head or the intake? Go back over the installation with the instructions just to make sure you haven't missed something.

  15. wzdar6

    i had planned to install my kit tomorrow. it looks great, better than the baron's. i'll wait until you get the bugs out of yours before i tackle mine. hope it just something simple. look forward to hearing about your fix.

  16. charlezmardin

    I remove my ais plugs. I ordered the "no chirp" ais plugs off of ebay from night sky customs. They were easy to install (no taking off the frame connections).
    I am absolutely confident that these are the easiest to install and the best price. If you have any questions, e-mail me. charles

  17. cmkippj

    hissing sounds as if it comes from head;
    the pops are all exhaust for sure;
    the "missing" or "sputter" effect is only on acceleration;
    i have gone over everything, base of plug is installed into head correctly and cap is tighten on the plug, i really dont know. is the internal wrenching bolt suppose to stayin into base of plug??
    the were the absolute best looking, best priced, easiest to install. i didnt take apart any framing either. although the results were horrible, it has to be be something simple, i just need second set of eyes i think

  18. wzdar6

    gibby i just finished the ais removal and plug install. all went well! took me about 3 hours but i totally remove all the ais hardware. the only real problem was i dropped the install bolt and it went somewhere!! had to go looking!! learned alot about my bike during the search. i found the fuel pump!! if i had to do another i could do in about 2 hours i think. i took the time to fab a tool to remove the rear plug instead of going to napa to rent a tool. removing the front down tube was the most time consuming part. took a picture of the removed parts and a pic. of the tool i made to remove the rear plug. just attached the vise grips to a tool i had to install laminate flooring. it worked great. wishing i had made it before removing the front plug. i used the vise grip and screwdriver method on it.

  19. chilibebber

    Did you remove a sparkplug wire or hit and knock it loose during your removal?

  20. wzdar6

    gibby did you remove the front down tube to install the front plug? i looked at not removing the tube,but it looked to close to try. the baron kit said that trying to put their plug in without removing the down tube could result in a cracked head as the plug couldn't be driven in straight. so i didn't risk it!! one thing i did is i put a clamp on the vaccum line cap that installs on the back of the carb. also you could check and make sure you didn't pinch the fuel line.


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