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AIS Removal

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  1. chilibebber

    Has anyone done this yet? If so, what does the AIS Removal kit consist off? Is it just the plugs that plug off or is there block off plates like on the Roadstar? If it is just the metal plugs, I will get a piece of stock to fit. If there is some other components, let me know.

  2. Ravhite

    I have used .45cal shell casings, they look great.........The plugs (whatever you decide to use) and a golf tee are all thats required.

  3. BikGar

    Hey Ravhite, any pictures?

  4. Ravhite

    I sure don't, that bike is long gone.......just didn't think about the photo thing at the time.

    Did you find the information you were looking for on the AIS?

  5. 2WheelPik

    I'll have to dig a little bit, but the instructions I used for AIS removal were great and I haven't had any problems since. Let me know if you want them.

  6. cmkippj

    i have recieved the AIS removal kit from night sky customs; the removal installation went like a breeze.
    however the bike now runs like dog shit! it hiss's, pops, misfires when trying to accelerate. it has been the worse after math ever! i have no idea what has gone wrong

  7. Ravhite

    i have recieved the AIS removal kit from night sky...

    Did you plug off the vacumm? You might check back through your work to ensure you capped everything off.

  8. charlezmardin

    You must have done something wrong, I ordered the same kit and it is the bomb. Great kit (night sky customs)

  9. cmkippj

    AFTER attempting a ride, i went home, i did look to make sure base of plug was installed entirely into head(bike) and the head of plug was tightly screwed onto base. i also made sure the only vacuum i would have to plug was tightly secured, still same effect. i really dont know,


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