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AIS Removal

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  1. DominicS308

    Has anybody in the North Texas area performed the AIS removal mod and have problems passing the emissions inspections that are needed in Tarrant County? I'd like to do the permanent removal, but I don't want to get slammed for poor emissions.

  2. quinnyim

    I took the AIS off my bike and didn't notice a difference (I just needed the carbs cleaned and tuned). Since it's job is to make your emmissions cleaner, I would not remove it in Tarrant county.

  3. Jonezpoj

    Even here on the left coast, they don't smog check motorcycles...... Hope they don't hear about you guys.........

  4. 4mrAkankmpr

    Dominic-I was talking with the service manager at Central Yamaha in Plano about that very modification, and he said that he didn't think it would hurt the bike or affect the state inspection, so I think you're good to go! One question for the other guys/gals- I attempted to do the stargis/webslinger AIS disable on my '07 650 Classic, and got a lot of backfiring and popping when revving the engine, so I returned the AIS to normal. What would have caused the popping/surging?


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