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ais bypass

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  1. medro1

    i heard that if you by-pass this system that it will run lean! this means$$$ is this true because the motorcycle shop says pay $300 to solve the popping What's up with that !!!!

  2. orpie

    I disabled the ais on my 2004 1100 Classic and the popping stopped(almost altogether). There is very little popping on decel now. A little when the engine is cold. I bought a ais removal kit and will put it in on the next rainy Sat or Sun.

  3. bkman

    I think that this is mis-information. As I understand it, the AIS DOES change the Oxygen level in the exhaust pipes, but it does not alter the air / fuel ratio in the combustion chamber (which is where you really have to be concerned about it). The extra Oxygen in the pipes, when running a modified bike (with a richer air / fuel ratio and more open exhaust) will tend to cause popping or afterburn because of the artificially increased O2 levels in the exhast system. Often times, removing the AIS will stop this annoyance.

    It is NOT recommended, however, to remove this equipment with the stock exhaust because the newer bikes are equipped with catalytic converters that need this extra Oxygen.

    For what it's worth - my AIS is disabled and, if anything, my bike is running on the rich side.

  4. yaro

    I read somewhere that if you disable system with new pipes they may overheat. Also if you just bypass the system without removing it completely it may cause water to seat in the AIS pipes and eventually cause them to rust through. I think there is an older thread on this subject.

  5. wzdartan

    Sounds to me like someone at the motorcycle shop needs a "pop"! Don't beleive them, they are trying to rip you off! orpie, bkman and yaro are right.


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