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  1. zhpyr

    I have a 2007 1100 Silverado, I put on some V & H exhaust, which sounds great. I then had the carb rejetted by a dealer. It almost rides like a different bike. I am very pleased but I was wondering what else could I do to the air filter to make sure i getting the right air flow. thanks again, really enjoy this site

  2. G1Jim

    I recommend one of the pod type intake systems that go under the gas tank. I have the MaxAir Predator Pro, but that comes with the carb rejetting kit (which you already have) and I know there's other ones out there. Hopefully someone will share what else they have. Increasing the air flow through the engine will definitely increase performance, but keep in mind that you'll probably need to adjust the carb settings and resync it when done.

  3. A1zbordztat

    I just put the MaxAir Predator Pro Kit on my VStar 1100 with new pipes and the change is amazing. Love it.


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