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air horns anyone? which ones?

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  1. Nidhhokr

    Just got through mounting 2 Stebel Compact Air Horns this winter. 1 on the 1100 Classic the other on the RSTD. The 1 on the 1100 I mounted down front by building a backet that is connected to the MC bracket. Both of mine came with the relays that are required. I believe most that you buy come as a complete package. i installed the relay inside the left side cover where the AIS was. I used a inline fuse link that I bought at my local auto parts store. In most cases the black Stebel runs about $36 + shipping and the chrome about $40. Hope this helps.

  2. quicgmicg

    ...took my horn off when I put on my Thugstars... still use my finger when appropriate though.

    ...and apologies for interrupting your thread...

  3. zcoddginva

    I just put a Wolo on my Classic. I was hoping to put it near where the stock horn was but the fit was too tight to get it out of the way of the fender in a hard brake situation. I got the crome one and mounted it to the bracket that held on the fake "cow bell". I didn't think I would like it there but it looks kind of nice. Mounting was a breeze.


    Hopefully will be getting one soon, was wondering if it would fit there alright.



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