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Air filter?

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  1. CuzdomVzdar105

    I just recently bought a Dyno jet kit and a new exhaust. What do you guys recommend? I looked on the k & N website and they had the “Air Hypercharger” filter.

    And would the classic work in a custom bike?

    Is that a good price?

  2. bkman

    As far as mechanicals go, I think the custom and classic are pretty much identical except for the forks, handlebars and (of course) the fenders. That said, an intake setup for one should work fine on the other. The only thing you have to watch out for is the catalyst bikes, which are the later models (starting sometime in 2005), and what you have. These bikes have different carbs, and the way you jet them is different.

    Many people in your situation just buy the K&N filter and rejet for that. As for the size of the jets, you should be okay following the instructions that came in the jet kit. However, it sometimes takes some trial and error to get the bike running just right. Patience and methodical work will pay off. I don't want to give you any advice beyond that because I am running completely different setup. Someone will chime in with some suggestions, I am sure, and you could always go over to the "other" V-Star website - I don't know the URL, but someone here will post it.

  3. Sduplyumbr

    I have the same setup on my bike, Cobra exhaust Dyno Jet kit and a K&N filter and my bike runs just fine. I got my filter and cover off of ebay slightly used for a real bargin.


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