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Air box mod and permanent exhaust leak repair

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  1. Pabbj

    I finally got my exhaust leak on roadhouse slip on repaired, I used stock clamp, but wrapped pipe with plumbers tape 5 wraps did it, then went to my buddies muffler shop and got some stuff called muffler cement (it's a metal based paste that when it hardens is like the stuff inside your stock pipe) plumbers tape for those not familiar is that metal stuff in a roll with a bunch of holes in it to hang water pipe with, it's in the plumbing section of yer hardware. The factory clamp hides what you've wrapped so you don't even see it and you can get the factory clamp a whole lot tighter than that cheap heavy duty hose clamp.
    I drilled my air box today, man y'all were right what a difference, between the 2 mods my popping and gurgling is almost non existent. My clutch parts came in so I'm set up for next Tuesday to get it done. Whew I'm gonna get so good I'll be able to go down the road and get a dollar more an hour LOL.
    Thank You All for all your input , hopefully I'll be able to help someone else along the way... Pabbj

  2. MorkKW

    Great report, Pabbj. Thanks. Oh, yeah....know you'll really enjoy your new-found profession, but if I were you, I'd demand at least another 5 or 6 bucks per hour. : )


  3. WarPik

    I tried the clamp that came with the RH but didn't like it much,I took the stock clamp and modified it some and used copper anti-seize compound to seal it.Copper takes the heat and it will come off ez if you need to.


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