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  1. Mondj

    Does anyone know who makes a cover that looks better than the stock? I have the K&N filter with airbox mod.

  2. VTvinChic

    None that I can recall that use the OEM backing plate and OEM-style filter (including the K&N replacement). There is a Show Chrome like below, but none that change the shape of the cover. UNLESS you want to go with a full aftermarket intake system, like Baron, Thunder, XXX, or the K&N which utilize either a hypercharger style or open element.

    For this, though, I have a hard time pushing "American" on a metric.

  3. sbarnes634

    For this, though, I have a hard time pushing "American"...

    Chuckle - one of the advantages of being Canadian -

    The metric system is normal here, and American made machines are, by definition, imports...

  4. Rop123

    Bite the bullet and install one of the numerous ait kits on the market Baron's Big Air Kit, Thunder Mfg., Arlen Ness etc. etc. They cost more than the "mod" but you get a better filter than stock a much better overall look and something that doesn't stick out as far, giving you more leg clearance. Any of them are nicer than the "athletic cup" look....LOL

  5. MorkKW

    If you want to see a very cool new twist to the stock cover, check out Reggae's new air box cover seen in the section, YAMAHA SHOP TALK, then thread #14 under "New Seat For Momma's New Scoot."

    Take care....and stay safe.

  6. rick970

    Chuckle - one of the advantages of being Canadian -...

    to be honest, even the "american made" bikes still use alot of import parts, they just dont go by metric measurements .. finding a pure 100% american made bike is almost impossible


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