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AHH Which jet kit

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  1. Witovmgr

    I have searched the forum over and over. I just bought my 03 V-star 1100 custom. It has a hypercharger on it and some unknown exhaust. I have purchased some cobra speedster slashdowns. I also ordered a jet kit for the exhaust. The kit comes and it says stage 1 for stock air box and aftermarket pipes. AHHH will I be able to compensate for more airflow into the carb by the PMS? The jet kit also says for drag pipes with baffles or classic exhaust do .......... or with drag pipes without baffles do this .....Would I consider the cobra speedster slashdowns classic exhaust? I just want to get this right the first time. I have no idea if the carb was rejetted for the hypercharger. It is not a pro-series though. I am also a newbie here first bike. The bike currently has slight popping while idling long periods. One pms screw is only 1 1/2 out though. So I believe that is why. Thanks in advanced for any help.

  2. Witovmgr

    Bump. apparently I either confused those reading this or no one has even had this problem.

  3. khunder102

    OK, let's see if we can get this sorted out.

    You have a hypercharger on it, so you don't have a stock airbox. The jet kit you got is for a stock airbox. You won't be able to compensate using the PMS for the increased air flow if you installed those jets; the PMS only handles the idle circuit. You would need bigger jets. As you know how far the one PMS screw is out, someone's definitely been into the carb. I would assume that it was rejetted when the hypercharger was installed. 1-1/2 turns out on the PMS seems like not enough.

    That all being said, if it was my bike, I'd adjust the PMS, synch the carbs and see how she runs. If she runs OK, then I'd put the other pipes on and ride it.

    Take a look at this site; certainly helped me a bunch.



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