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  1. kuitozwzdar

    New to sight,been riding 06 1100 classic for three years,been all over web and catalogs.Is it me or does it seem like there is a lot more offered for other bikes including the yamaha 650 as far as accessories goes than the 1100

  2. flamet196

    there is aftermarket stuff everywhere for the 1100 if you want it, someone on this forum can find it for you. I'm sure you will find what you are looking for. and if not, it can be made to fit somehow. example - kuryakyn doesn't make a side mount plate for the Yamaha's, but if you look hard you can find that they make an adapter for the road star, which has the same 1 1/4" rear swing arm as the 1100. so it's just a matter of knowledge about the bike and parts. this site will be the best tool that you will ever own for your ride. and let me be the first to say WELCOME.....

  3. poppj


  4. tunc

    what ya lookin for kuitozwzdar

    ask and someone here will give ya links or options for ya needs im sure

    probly to many options lol

  5. micg10

    most people here that ride the 1100 have mods on there bikes so they have to be out there somewhere! i would try either ebay or ask at a yamaha dealership, they sell aftermarket stuff.

  6. kuitozwzdar

    Right now i would like to have a set of highway pegs that dont bolt to frame tubes or on the bottom of floorboards.Seen a great set once on a honda that bolted between board mount and frame

  7. tunc

    been doin some hard lookin for ya buttttt
    boy the first one ya throw at us is a tricky one lol
    hope they arnt all this hard

  8. cole2273

    what dont they make for the 1100. I think that bike has more aftermarket parts than any bike out there. or damm close to it.

  9. KinkSdar

    You don't like them mounted to the frame bars?

    I took off some HD pegs from a bar a got someone else and they mounted just fine to the frame bars. Only problem is they are a little short and you legs rest against the tank, but you get nice air conditioning up the pants.


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