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Adjust clutch on v star 05' 650 classic

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  1. 70bassman

    My friction zone seems to be way out at the 'end' of the clutch.I just bought this bike and don't know where it should be.

    Can I adjust this to where the lever will come in closer to the hand grip before engaging.The 'zone is so far out that I worry about popping the clutch too hard on take off and stalling at a light.

    Can some one help me with this and save me some money and embarrassment?


  2. wildcatf5

    My friction zone seems to be way out at the...

    This is a known issue with the 650 for years.
    There are some common resolutions to the issue. One is a different clutch lever called the Clevver. Another is called the Seritic Mod.
    I didn't really have a problem, but did the Seritic Mod and it worked for me. I know that others swear on the Clevver.
    You can Google both and find them easily.
    Ride Safe!!!

  3. 70bassman

    Thanks Wildcat!I will look into that asap!

  4. wildcatf5

    You bet!
    The Seritec Mod (spelled it wrong earlier) makes it easier to adjust your "zone" without having slack in the lever.
    From what I understand, the Clevver physically moves the "zone" closer to the grip.

  5. 70bassman

    Well...I went ahead and ordered the Clevver.I hope that solves my problem.I already had the thought that a lever with an arc to it would allow the travel needed to comfortably find the zone on a consistent basis.

    Hopefully the Clevver will work, I figured for 40 bux (shipping included) I would try it out.

    Thanks again,Wildcat!

  6. wildcatf5

    Of course...You're Welcome.

    Actually, some riders install both. I'm happy with what I did, but "different strokes for different folks", right??

  7. 70bassman

    Yep! I guess I will see if the Clevver does it for me and if not ..I will add the Seritec to the mix as well.

    I really hope the 40 dollar fix will do the trick,though.I would rather be riding than pulling wrenches.

    Glad I found this forum.I plan to check in here often and see what's new and what folks are talking about.

    Be safe and thanks!

  8. Smith31

    I use the Clevver and really like it. Works really well.

  9. 70bassman

    Thanks Smith31!I am a recovering Memphian myself.LOL...Nice to see a Tennessee son on here.

    I will put that Clevver on next weekend and look forward to putting the mystery friction zone behind me.I never know exactly when it is going to engage when starting out.All of the other shifts are fine and quick,but starting off is a pain.

    As a novice(I hadn't riden in 10 years) motorcycle rider and mechanic,I hope changing the lever will be painless.I have plenty of auto mechanic skills,but have never worked on a bike.I look forward to it.
    Thanks again Smith31!

  10. Smith31

    Thanks Smith31!I am a recovering Memphian myself.LOL...Nice to see a...

    I grew up in Memphis, but I never claim it voluntarily! Arkansas was always home. I think you'll like The Clevver. It is very easy to put on and makes a real difference when you have that annoying uphill stop sign or just starting out in Gene788ral!

  11. 70bassman

    LOL!I am 44 and had lived in Memphis and in Desoto county,MS most of my life.I moved to the Emerald Coast in 09'.I love it here and as I have told my family and friends.I ain't goin' back except to visit.

    Thanks again and good to chat with ya!

  12. micg10

    My friction zone seems to be way out at the...

    how long have you been riding your 650?
    i seem to have gotten used to the friction zone pretty quick and never worried about changing, had mine for a couple of years now.

  13. 70bassman

    Just got it on March 1st.I have only had one stall,on my first day riding,but I don't care for the almost all the way out position of the zone.It makes me a little nervous at red lights,especially when I am first in line and a lot of cars are behind me.

    I have riden other bikes and don't recall a friction zone being so far out.

    A 40 dollar solution made me pretty happy.I just got an email that the Clevver has been shipped and I should have it by next week.

    Other than a couple of things..I love this bike and would recommend the V Star to anyone wanting a great looking,easy to ride bike.

  14. wingnut24

    i bought a cheep fix that worked off of ebay.all it is ,is a chrome sleeve with a spring in it.goes onto the cable on the motor end.alloys the cable to be adjusted without slob in the lever.moved the friction zone closer and seems to have enlarged the zone some

  15. jdaghir73

    As a novice(I hadn't riden in 10 years) motorcycle rider...

    I just installed the Clevver Friday night. It was extremely easy. 15 minute job at most. I also replaced the stock clutch springs with stiffer Barnett clutch springs which are supposed to improve clutch engagement and the friction zone feel. Installing the clutch springs was a little more complicated, but not rocket science. The springs were only $15, but you also need a new clutch cover gasket which was around $10 and two exhaust crush gaskets which were about $6 each. It's too cold right now for me to give it a test ride but hopefully it will warm up enough soon for me to take it out and see how the friction zone feels now.

  16. 70bassman

    Thanks for the tips!

  17. 70bassman

    Thanks.The Clevver is on it's way already.I hope it works for me.

  18. 70bassman

    Wild cat,

    I just wanted to say thanks again for the info on the Clevver.I installed it today in about 15 minutes and took her for a ride.(I made no adjustments to anything.It worked perfectly as is.) My bike is now a breeze to ride and the clutch is so easy to pull.Everything is as advertised.


  19. rileyhaley95

    I got my bike out for a very short ride yesterday (still too cold here for me). The friction zone feel is definitely improved. Since I did the Clevver (also known as the 8-Ball mod I believe), Barnett clutch springs and synthetic oil all at the same time, I'm not sure how much each of the changes contributed to the overall improvement. But for the reasonable amount of time & money involved, I'm happy.

  20. 70bassman

    You can bet the Clevver made most of the difference.I installed it and rode about five miles with a lot of stops and shifts and it was a piece of cake.I only wish I had installed it sooner.


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