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Actual riding photos!

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  1. matcruser

    Here's a slightly different perspective.

  2. Vindakecar15

    You're going too fast..... your arms are on fire...!

  3. BopMazon
    # Slideshow

    Love your riding Pics. Here's a few I took a couple of weeks ago, after doing the 240 Tire on the 8.5" Chrome Rim. Also did a few other small appointments. Ride Safe.


  4. yewanz1

    With Winter here, preventing a lot of us from getting out on our bikes, how about some pictures of everyone actually riding? I've got a couple here. One of me pulling into a lot before a group ride and the other is coming back from Wyoming. (met puzayacg!)Going about 90, on I-25 tying to outrun the rain behind us! The wind is blowing up my jacket making me look like a vulture!I'm not really hunched over like it seems! Let's see your riding photos! Here's one more of some Summer rides I went on:
    What is the brand name of the "tailbag" on your passenger seat??

  5. Vindakecar15

    you'll love the name of this bag.......

  6. yewanz1

    you'll love the name of this
    Thanks. That is just what I am looking for.


  7. puzayacg

    What is the brand name of the "tailbag" on your passenger seat??
    Ruedi when did you lower it? Thought you never mess with them.
    Nice picts., you know Iam just messin with ya. Right?

  8. Vindakecar15

    I didn't lower it, that's probably just my 260 lb. fat ass!
    See? I don't need a lowering kit!

  9. Svomacg

    I second grasjpurro's remark. I think some more skulls would be cool Vintage.
    How about a skull with a bandana on his head that reads 113 C.I. surrounded with flames.
    That would be cool brother.

  10. BumplepeeBop

    Not actual "riding" pics. But today 6 of us ran up and thru Colorado National Monument. Where if you miss a corner then the landing on ~25% of the times will make you wish you were dead. On the other 75% you won't feel a thing.

    That's my bike in front sporting the new Sideburner pipe. I love it! And what a great day for a ride it was too.



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