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  1. Vindakecar15

    With Winter here, preventing a lot of us from getting out on our bikes,
    how about some pictures of everyone actually riding?

    I've got a couple here.

    One of me pulling into a lot before a group ride

    and the other is coming back from Wyoming. (met puzayacg!)
    Going about 90, on I-25 tying to outrun the rain behind us!

    The wind is blowing up my jacket making me look like a vulture!
    I'm not really hunched over like it seems!

    Let's see your riding photos!

    Here's one more of some Summer rides I went on:

  2. IntjRaiter

    I'm a few months away from being able to get some... but you best believe, when I can I will!


    P.S.- Nice riding shots; NICE BIKE!

  3. kman

    That Raider makes you look pretty good.

  4. Vindakecar15

    it's an embroidered patch I designed.
    Luke from was selling them with me. I think they're sold out for now, but I'm looking into getting some more made up, I have a lot of designs ready, just need some money to get them made!
    One is like my avatar.

  5. Hunejpe1

    I can understand your following the female friend on the Sportster......... but "How did you ever convince your Raider?"

    Really nice pictures.

  6. Vindakecar15

    She's a riding friend!
    I was impressed that her little 883 sporty can go 120!
    I didn't think the small ones could go that fast!
    Earlier that day, me and another Raider rider kind of opened them up a bit!
    She kept up pretty well!

    The picture was taken by another girl riding on the back of another friends Harley!

  7. Hunejpe1

    I am also surprised that an 883 could go that fast. I just thought it was a 1200. Looks like you all had a good day. Did you manage to stay ahead of the storm? Wyoming can be kinda rough at times. Again thanks for the good pictures.

  8. Ghozd608

    I removed the yamaha sticker on my rear fender and put a Raider sticker on like on the back of your vest, I would love to get one of those patches for my Vest if you can let me know when you have more of them!!!
    My e-mail is

  9. Ghozd608

    Buy the way nice bike, I love the Red Raider S, same as mine, except for I have V&H 2-1 pipes and Corbin hard saddle bags.


  10. grasjpurro

    pics looked great. if you ever decide to make your avatar into a patch I would be interested in getting one.

    my e-mail is

  11. Vindakecar15

    Hopefully very soon!
    I'm a professional graphic and website designer, and have a bunch of new Raider patch designs ready. I just need to get a few bucks to have some of them made up. I'll post as soon as I have them in hand for sale!
    Maybe selling the first patch, will help me finance more so I can go forward!

  12. BopMazon


    Your machine looks great! I'd like to get a patch too. Is that a 240 tire mounted on those beautiful Chrome wheels?


  13. Vindakecar15

    Not yet. Just the stock Metz.
    I'll likely go with the Dunlop 240 when I need a new tire!
    But I DO love the chrome wheels!

    I grew up in the 60's! No such thing as too much chrome!

  14. BopMazon

    I hear ya. Chrome is my favorite color..


  15. 29mige

    Those are great pictures. Something different. I agree we need more of those.

  16. Vindakecar15

    The Brass Monkey Run - 12/28/08 - Denver, CO
    Last ride of the year, sponsored by Abate.
    Couple shots of my bike today.
    A few hundred bikes attended.

    Decent weather, great day!

  17. grasjpurro

    vintage- curious what type of windshield that is you have on your ride?

  18. Vindakecar15

    It's a Memphis Shades "Pop-Top"

    Mounting brackets took 10 minutes to install, if that.
    Now the screen goes on or off in about 5 seconds!
    Very happy with it. Not too big or small.
    I leave it on for long rides and when it's cold, otherwise, I pop it off.

  19. grasjpurro

    Thanks for the info. if you have any pics of the brackets installed without the windshield attached I would appreciate it. I am not a fan of a windshield unless on a really long ride. curious what it looks like without since most of the time it would not be on if i get one.

  20. Vindakecar15

    look here:

    and scroll down a bit.
    Luke from has a few pictures of this exact windscreen in various stages.

    In fact, it's because of his research, that I bought this one.
    Very satisfied!

    The brackets are very unobtrusive and have a very nice polished finish!


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