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  1. Mekal

    I currently ride a Suzuki C50 Boulevard which is a 800 cc midsize cruiser. I am looking to move up and into the Yamaha line. I was looking at the Yamaha VT1300 but after watching the forums and sitting on the bike I've decided it doesn't fit me. I met a guy on a Road Star the other day and I was very impressed with the feel of his bike. I have riden a Kawasaki Nomad quite a bit and really disliked the heavy, clumsy, top heavy and low power it has. I love the look of the Nomad but I get more out of my Suzuki. Where I'm going is that I want something bigger with more power and better on the freeway but also keep some of the agility. The Road Star feels like it has that - am I missing something - should I consider something different. I like the Nomad look so I would look for a RoadStar Silverado S and I'm guessing a 2008 or newer to get FI.

  2. cobberchobber

    I love my RS, as well as my c50, but with that said, you might consider the Suz c90. The RS, is a great bike, but does feel top heavy compaired to the suz. I had considered the Venture?????

  3. dheclargz1

    Hey I have to say that I have been with yamaha from day one. I bought a Vstar 650 custom made it into a classic, then a year later bought the 1700 2008 roadstar. I have to say that i have been very impressed with it. my wife and I 2 up'd for over 200 miles in one day and was very comfortable...I have since changed pipes, started removing the AIS and added the power commander.

  4. yajare

    Where I live we have a six month riding season. So far I have put on more than 50,000 miles mainly 2 up riding and long distances. This bike has served me well and really have no issues with the bike. Would I buy another? Absolutely without question.

  5. Cabri103

    The R* is a fine bike, The 1700 engine is more than enough power. I ride a RSTD now with 4 bangers but lots less vibration than the R*. Not knocking the R* at all. However, if you are looking at doing a lot of long distance riding you might want to consider the Royal Star Tour Deluxe or Venture.

  6. BuppaKahuna

    Don't discount a well maintained low mileage 04-07 Roadstar. You get the same 1700 engine as the newer ones, except they're carbureted. That's not a bad thing - I practically never use the choke on my 06 R*. It fires right up in any weather and the only time I even use the choke is when it's in the 40s and even then it's only on for about 15 seconds. After that it's all Rock & Roll. ;D

    - JJ

  7. cowenandranch

    The Roadstar is a fine machine. If you end up with one you won't be disappointed. Go with fuel injection. If you have the opportunity, ride one, then ride a 'Liner.
    If you want a cruiser go with one of those two. If you want full touring consider the RSTD or Goldwing. If I ever go full touring it will be a 'Wing.

  8. demingrick24

    If you want a powerful, agile big cruiser you should test ride a Roadstar then a Roadliner. I'd be willing to bet you'll like the Roadliner better.

  9. veltwair

    I have been riding for over 40 yrs & owned a lot of bikes. I currently own a 04 Roadstar. It is the best bike I have owned.

    It is easy to handle(I am 72) very comfortable & a joy to ride. I watched CL for a few weeks & found it for less than $5k. It had 13,000 miles on it.

    I read all the bike comparisons & it was well liked.

    GOOD LUCK on your choice.......Don

    PS-one of the other things I like was it only has one carb.

  10. SvambSdar

    I have an 06 RS. Can't say enough good things about this bike. I think its everything you are looking for. I have a carb on mine and to this day I haven't had any trouble. I have 48,000 miles on this bike.


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