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A Review of the New 2010 Stratoliner Deluxe

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  1. tillikaff

    Good article.

    Pretty cool bike with the stock batwing fairing.

  2. 8dhirdeen

    that looks NICE!!

  3. cazilwer

    Damn, that is a slick looking bike! I'm typically not a fan of batwings, but I have to admit, it looks really nice on that Strat... it fits the lines of the bike really well! It's not so big where it looks bulky and goofy, it's very streamlined with the rest of the bike.

    My friend has a Strat - don't remember the year... but riding it felt like butter, smooth power, ride, and feel - these bikes are also very well balanced. We did an exercise where we had to follow a straight line as slow as we can, the Strat felt like you could practically come to a stop on it and stay there without putting your feet down, that's how well balanced it felt.

    It was a large bike for me though, and not comfortable for my size, I really had to stretch way out to ride. If not, I would've seriously considered a used one, but am very, very happy with my 1300T .

  4. pgv

    I saw the 2010 Strat Deluxe at the 09 International Bike Show in Dallas and was disappointed with the fairing. It was very plain, no instrumentation, just an ipod adapter. I don't know, but without an amp the speakers looked small and probably could not be heard on the highway. Yamaha really needs to update their touring bikes. Yamaha did not make a RSTD for 2010, maybe this is a sign of a new model. If Yamaha does not update their tourers by the 2011 models I am seriously looking at a Victory Cross Country. The Cross Country is the same price as the Strat D and comes with a lot more extras and options. I just hope that Victory can withstand the depression. Did I just say depression, like '29 crash. I may have to get a real job. Is McDonalds hiring?

  5. pgv

    that looks NICE!!
    Wow, you went from cramped on the crapper to lounging in a lazy boy. Get a cup holder and welcome to the long distant lounge club. Some days I think I will get another crotch rocket, then my knees and back crack, I fall to my knees and pray for a new cruiser. Peace

  6. onevaj

    Wow. I don't know. At my age it takes me a while to appreciate something quite this radical. I am an old fogey.

  7. zliter

    Some days I think I will get another crotch rocket, then my knees and back crack, I fall to my knees and pray for a new cruiser. Peace
    LMAO... I SO know what you mean... or should that be feel.

  8. PDXScodd

    I ride an '08 Stratoliner...

    I'm not a faring guy. In fact, I dump my windshield as often as I can for the clean open look that the Stratoliner has!

    I'm also not a fan of color matched bags.. too much like a touring bike than a cruiser. But the leather contoured bags on the non-Delux Strat's are really great and blend in enough that they don't look too "touring".

    Shhh...don't tell my brothers in the Stratoliner Lounge. They'll kick me out of the club!

    Scott T

  9. earnmanfan960

    Awesome bike but for that $ it should at the very least have cruise control!

  10. CruizerBruizer

    The Strat is where it's at! Would love to have one one day...and I will, oh yes, I will!


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