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  1. zhood2kun

    Greetings from a new rider in Michigan.

    Last year (age 59) I bought my very first motorcycle ever, a 2007 Stratoliner. My daughter bought a Suzuki C50 and encouraged me to get some training and a bike so that we could rider together, so I did and I loved it.

    I'm retired so I do a lot of day trips whenever the weather is good, most of them by myself. I just drop everything and go. I've already put about a 1000 miles on the bike this month, which isn't too bad considering Michigan's weather this time of year.

    My wife, who didn't like the fact that I was now riding, got up the courage last Sunday to put on my daughter's gear and get on the bike with me. We did a ride that lasted only a few minutes, covering about 10-12 miles total.

    On Tuesday we ordered her a new helmet and jacket and I bought a luggage rack and passenger floorboards for the bike. We will be taking a trip to a leather shop this coming week for chaps, gloves, rain gear, etc.

    She's very much looking forward to riding with me and our friends. What a surprise, and a good one at that.

    I have been considering joining Star Touring and the local chapter here. I will be going on a ride with them on Saturday to Hell. (Hell, Michigan is a real place)

    I am also considering joining the American Legion (I'm a Vietnam vet) and riding with the American Legion Riders, where some of my friends ride.

    Life just seems to be getting better as I approach 60 years old (next month).


  2. ollier145

    Glad too here your wife is gettin in the spirt. Mine won't ride, bad experience in her youth.


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