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A HOLE cagers overtaking

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  1. micg10

    I don't know about anyone else but i'm getting sick n tired of asshole cagers overtaking other cars while heading towards me while i'm on my bike, its happening more and more lately. i feel like carrying a few spark plugs with me!

  2. tunc

    might be time for some extra lights up front mick so they can really see ya comin
    me only suggestion

  3. Cliffort

    I have a PIAA lamp in my headlight which puts out 135/125 watts worth of light while being the standard 60/55 watts electrically. I also have passing lights with 35 watt PIAA lamps that put out 70 watts worth of light. So anybody coming toward me is looking at 275 watts of light. The headlight has a modulator on it so that it flickers! The signal bulbs have been replaced with LEDs which are full bright as running lights and blink for signal. I also have a pair of white strobes on the struts next to the signals. So anyone coming head on sees three extra bright headlights one of which is flickering, a pair of extra bright running lights, and a pair of strobes. I don't know what else can be done to make me more visible, and I haven't had much problem with people passing other vehicles while coming head on toward me. I also have a Steble horn which gets attention!


  4. ylzhooder

    i feel like carrying a few spark plugs with me!
    Stones not spark plugs. Prove the stone came from you and was not some flying debris from the thousands on the road.

  5. Shebhertezz

    I think those cagers will pass when it's not safe whether you're a bike or car. That's why they're A-HOLES. I think cagers are just getting stupider and you have to drive defensively regardless of what you drive/ride. I've almost been taken out several times by these A-HOLERs when driving my car.

    But try buying a helmet like mine with pink flames for increased visibility - my husband says you can see me coming for a mile from the opposite direction! And yes as a cager I can see bikes much better with 3 lights. Especially in my old age , I find I have to squint sometimes to figure out if it's a bike or a cage with a broken head light heading towards me. But either way I wouldn't pass....


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