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98 royal star question

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  1. triweline

    hello,I need to ask a question about a bike i bought,.didn't get a manual. What i want to know is the gear case seperate from the crank case,i think it is but i have been told both ways. if it is a seperate case does it use 80-90 ,gear lube. Where do you check it,and how do you tell it is full. Is it the flat screw driver cap on the right side down kind-of behind the ex-pipe. And is there a plug you pull while you are filling to tell if it is full, like a lower unit on a boat. Hope this doesn't sound to dumb, haven't been on a bike since 1976.Any help would be appreciated,thanks.

  2. M28AMECH

    All Royal Star versions are the same as far as the basic motor and transmission and rear end. The engine (crankcase) and the transmission (gear case) including the clutch, share the same fluid. The oil can be either 10-30, 10-40 or 20-50 depending on your location and the prevailing temperatures. This oil must be approved for wet clutch operations and can not have friction modifiers, use of regular automobile oils with friction modifiers will cause the clutch to slip. There is only one plug to remove on the bottom of the oil pan.
    The rear end (final drive) uses 80-90 hypoid gear oil, the same as you would use in a rear drive automobile.

    If you want to download a PDF copy of the owners manual, go to and find the STAR section, find the MY STAR section and register for a personal account. Once you do that and log in you wil find a section on the left side bar where you can download owners manuals for free, basic maintenance specs and purchase shop repair manuals.

    If you have not found these web sites I would also recommend you visit them , they are full of good advice and very knowledgeable folks.

    Welcome to the Royal Family, it is one of the best bikes on the road, I had a 98 Royal Star Tour Classic (Green / Tan) for 9 years and 96,000 trouble free miles, before up grading to the Royal Star Venture in 07.

  3. triweline

    Steve thanks for the info on the 98 royal star. I can down load a manual now thanks a lot. I am new to the forum,so you will be hearing more from me,hope i don't bother you to much. Joe


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