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97 Virago 1100 Special

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  1. ORANGE23

    I'm new to this forum and having problems with my Virago 1100 running
    like crap. It runs best with the choke at 3/4 on. With the choke off it back fires and will not idle. I suspected gas problems and drained the tank and gas was a dark brown. The bike had set up for about 4 months.
    I've tried some SeaFoam and it seams a little better but still not right.

    Does anyone know if its possible to do any harm by using to much SeaFoam?

    Am I on the right track?

  2. maxcruizer

    Too much Seafoam (in one tank of gas) can deteriate the rubber components in the carburators - so too much is not a good thing in this case.

    Sounds like carbs need to come off and be taken apart and cleaned - good time to check manifold boots for cracks, etc...


  3. ORANGE23

    OK-thanks. I was really hoping not to have to pull carbs. Think I'll give SeaFoam a little more time and miles.


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