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950's Progressive Springs

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  1. VTvinChic

    In the spirit of a new bike owner, I made another round of product request just for all you lovely folks (ok, and myself included). I emailed Progressive Suspension, requesting a progressive rate fork spring set for our bikes. Here's their response:

    "I thank you for the request I will be sure to add this to our monthly customer service report. Keep and eye on out site for any and all updates."

    Well, anybody else experiencing the 950's Das Klunk (or those who don't particularly care for the diving front end) really should shoot off an email, or phone them. Manufacturers don't know if there's a market unless we specifically ask. Sooooo..... here's their contact info:
    or direct contact: Justin Barber (Customer Service Lead Tech) 714-523-8700. Heck, I even provided a direct mailto link... you don't have to waste the time to copy/paste!

  2. MorkKW

    Howdy, V-Twin.

    It appears that the components match up to where there are progressive springs available for the 950. Either call or email Shane at I already mentioned to him there was some slight "buzzzzing" going around about them. ; ) To be certain, you may need to measure the fork length from the top of the upper tree to your bike's axle.

    Stay well.


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