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88 xt600 cutting out

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  1. telriter

    Hi, I have a 88 xt600 enduro that has started to at any time just cut out on me. The after a few minutes riding down the street, it will just cut off. I pull in the clutch down shift to jump start it and it wont start back up. I coast to the side of the road and put it in neutral and it will kick right over. I take off it may last 5 miles or less than 1 mile and cut off again. Sometimes it seem to be ok if I keep a steady throttle, but if I crack the trottle the motor seems to miss a bit the the engine will cut off till I coast to a stop again, put it in neutral and it will fire right up. Can anybody tell me what the problem is??? thanks for you time...telriter

  2. frok

    Faulty cut out switch....or nuetral switch....????


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