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85 v-max for sale

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  1. py42

    A friend of mine has a 85 v-max for sale. I told him id mention it on here to see if anybody is interested. It has roughly 30,000 miles on it. It has custom dupont paint. If you might be interested pm me and ill relay the info to him. Im going to Sturgis on monday so it may take a bit for a reply. By the way, he and his wife are going with a full dresser next year. Here are a couple pics.

  2. yoyo

    wish i had the cash! i could use a forth bike in my garage. and boy i would love to have the max!

  3. aogzz


  4. py42

    around 3 grand i think. Not sure though, and not sure how firm he will be either. If you think you might be interested pm me and ill put you in touch with him


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