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  1. gerowicg

    My running lights in the back only aren't working, the turn signals light up so the bulbs are good.... Any sugestions?

  2. richard12806

    Forgive the obvious question... but are you sure you HAVE running lights in the back? The 650 does not come standard with rear running lights.
    What some owners do is relocate the front signal housings (and bulbs) to the back and wire the running lights to the tail light.

    If you DID have rear running lights at one point and both are out, check the wiring in the rats nest behind the license plate. It's so full there, a wire could have come loose.

    Hope this helps,

  3. gerowicg

    Good Catch Rich!

    I thought I had them but guess I didn't. You saved me a ton of work for no reason.


  4. BikRet

    LOL, welcome to the DUH! Club, I did the same thing last week, but I stopped myself from digging into it. I was stopped at a light and noticed my dad didn't have them so I looked at mine and thought hey my lights don't work. Ride safe.

  5. richard12806

    ... but guess I didn't [have them] ......

    Knowing that, and that you expected to have rear running lights, I highly recommend you invest between $5 and $100 in getting them.

    I actually relocated my signal housings from the front to the rear and replaced the stock amber dual-filament incandescent bulbs from the front with $5 LED amber ones from eBay. (I got the 1157 type which is actually NOT the right kind, but will fit anyway). It was only then that I realized I now had rear running lights, but still only a single brake light.
    And its effectiveness (read: contrast) had diminished greatly by me adding rear running lights. I had to add brake lights those rear running/signals lights.

    Kuryakyn makes an easy solution for that: the Triple Whammy. It includes everything you need and wiring is supposedly child's play. Cost about $100 on eBay.

    However, I went with the Turn Signal Conversion Kit from Does the same thing and costs about $55. A bit more work, but well worth the effort. Added bonus is that the unit is made in the USA by a small company in Tennessee. They provide fantastic support by phone and the owners themselves ride as well.

    Ride safe,

  6. bluesjr87

    However, I went with the Turn Signal Conversion Kit from...

    I've considered this same mod, just keep putting it off. Any idea how much load this adds to the electrical system?

    The difference between stock would mainly be the LED running lights, since brake and turn signals would be rarely on.
    I've read the V Star charging system is already close to the limit and that adding (front) running lights sometimes results in undercharged batteries.

  7. richard12806

    The charging system is indeed not the biggest and most robust you'd want, but adding running lights will not push it over the brink.

    I've added passing lamps in the front which adds 70 watts of load. No problems. It might be different when the temps go lower and the carb heaters kick in. They gobble up 60 watts. We'll see then.

    As to how much the TCK will add to the load, that's indeed only those LEDs. Don't know for sure, but I would guess no more than 4 watts total. If that much.
    If you replace the front running/signal lights (which currently consume 16 watts) to 1156 type LEDs, you'll have a net savings of 8 watts ever after adding the TCK.

    Here's a nice write-up about the electrical system and consumption on the 650:

    Ride safe,


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