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  1. girgnt1zbt

    Has anybody put a wider rear tire on their 650 Custom? Will a little bit wider tire even fit without modifying anything? I like the look of a fat rear tire, but I don't want a huge difference in size over the stock 170/80. Do y'all think a 200/70 could fit? Not much difference in the height of the 2 sizes, and I'm not really sure how much difference there is in the width. Would I need a wider wheel for a wider tire?
    Just an idea I had. If it's not easy to put a wider tire on the back, the 170 is staying on there.

  2. Hacgzav

    The first number in the tire size indicates the width of the tire in millimeters, while the second number is height of the sidewall expressed as the percentage of the width of the tire (technically called the aspect ratio, which is (width/height)*100).

    For example:

    200/70 is a 200-mm wide tire. The height is 70% of the width. Therefore:

    200 mm wide X 140 mm tall (~7.9 inches wide X ~5.5 inches tall).

    Using this information, you should be able to calculate the width and height of the original tire, and see how much change will take place with the new tire and see if you have enough room or not.

    170/80 is a 170-mm wide tire. The height is 80% of the width. Therefore:

    170 mm wide X 136 mm tall (~6.7 inches wide X ~5.4 inches tall).

    So, a 200/70 tire will increase in width by approximately 1.25" and increase in height by less than an 1/8".

    Now, just measure your clearances to see if you have room, or if you can go bigger, or not!

    Hope this helps.

  3. MigejCojode

    The general concensus is that a 200 won't fit as it rubbs the driveshaft when properly installed. Metzler 880's in a a 180 fits but that is about the widest tire I know of that still fits.

  4. girgnt1zbt

    Yeah, I had already calculated the difference in height and width, just wanted to know if anybody knew if it would fit. I was more concerned about whether I would need a wider rim for the wider tire. But since a 200 would rub, I'll just keep the stock size. Thanks for the replies.

  5. Sjperflj

    thx fo rthe info on the itre fitting Hacgzav and MikeCoyote, it helped alot


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