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4,000 mile interval maintenance $$$$$ ???

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  1. kzb1317

    Last May I paid about $435 for my 4,000 mile maintenance. This past week I shelled out $498 for my 8,000 mile service. Question: is this normal? Do they HAVE to do the valve thing EVERY time? This really seems exhorbitant! Whatever little bit of money I saved on gas by riding my bike instead of driving my car seems to have been lost in the $900+ spent in routine and fequent maintenance. If I'd bought a Harley, I would have expected this sort of thing...but not on a VStar 1100 Silverado. Sheeesh.

  2. quicgmicg

    I'd suggest learning to do it yourself. It sounds like the reason you bought the bike was to save money. The cost of a book and a few tools would be less than your first maintenance trip, and they are a one time expense. Granted you'll have a fairly large time investment. You've only got one bike to learn about and no one else takes care of your bike like you do.

    A good repair shop will always cost good $$$. You're paying for experience, tools, parts, etc. I'd be wary of "cut rate" places that offer to do the same thing for far less money. I've some pretty horrendous horror stories coming from those kinds of shops.

    Another tool you have is this forum....lots of great info here on general maintenance and how to do it yourself....

  3. lferk

    Mick is correct, but the other answer is YES, this is normal. I bought the "extended warranty" with my bike. This way I could save up for a relocation kit and have some "free" maintenance. I just did my 4,000 mile and it was would have cost me $515.00. My 600 mile first maintenance would have been $460.00. So yea, it's pricey. I think one reason besides the onse Mick mentioned is the fact that to change the oil, they have to remove a pipe. But yes get an oil relocation kit and do all of it youself. You'll be much more satisfied.

  4. hitoa

    I just had my first 4,000 mile service and it was $215 at a dealer...I also have an oil relocation kit.

  5. Mige

    What was the name of the Harley dealership you took it to?....oops did I say that? That does seem a bit pricey to me. I do all my maintenance myself. Invest in a manual ($30) on ebay and look for the knowledge base on a different site and you should be able to save quite a few bucks plus get the satisfaction of doing it yourself.

  6. kzb1317

    Thanks for the comments. I am NOT mechanically inclined, so as much as I'd love to learn how to do all the work myself, I would end up on the side of the road with a bike that was in serious trouble.

    btw...I found another Yamaha dealer (40 miles away) that does the same maintenance for a little more than half the cost. Guess who's getting my business from now on?

  7. earnmanfan960

    Around $200 is all I paid for my 600 and 4000 mile service at the Yamaha dealership where I bought my bike. I don't have a ORK.


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