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2up backrest

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  1. llb207

    Is the stock back rest ajustable up wife says its too low

  2. koltzmye

    it depends on the sissy bar, have order the taller bar, which is what I have.

  3. waeborise

    gold, any idea where I can see a pic of the taller bar? Thanks

  4. Jonezpoj

    Go to ebay and you'll see the differance there.

  5. FROADER712

    The previous owner of my bike had a bigger pad made, because his wife had the same complaint. I have the stock (low) sissy bar. I'll take some pics when I get home from work.

  6. FROADER712

    Sorry, a day late.

    Here is the pad that he had made to work with the stock sissy bar. My girlfriend is only 5'1" 110lbs. so I don't need it.


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