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2003 vstar 650 classic carb change?

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  1. nidrodurpo3u

    Hi all ...New here i am.
    I aquired a vstar classic 650 ...The fuel pump is bad and the carbs are really
    gummed up.
    I want to remove the existing fuel delivery sys and go with a tried and tru aftermarket setup.Possibly a single carb setup.
    Anyone tried this?<<<<If so please forward me the info such as mfg and jet sizes.
    Looking for next spring here...No hurry...Thanks again for any info.

  2. MigejCojode

    There are no kits out there for it and I have only heard of one guy trying it. He posted recently on another forum I visit that he finally got it working after a while trying. It is no where as easy as it sounds. His initial finding was that he felt more torque and was expecting a higher top speed (our hp runs out before we hit the rev limiter). I am waiting to hear more.

    You gotta ask yourself: "Yamaha built these bikes as cheaply as they could, why would they put on 2 carbs when one will do?"

    Clean the carbs as best you can and run some seafoam through them. If the jets are corroded viced gummed up replace them don't forget to look at the needles and the pms screw and passage.

    And if you find a single carb setup that works, let me know.

  3. Ravhite

    I am familiar with a single carb manifold for the 1100 but don't know of one for the 650. The pump can be replaced with a vacuum pump similar to the ones used in snowmobile applications.


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