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200 rear tire rubbing

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  1. midchell1

    So I just put a avon venom 200 on my 99 classic and it fit whem it was first put on. Now about 200 miles on it, its rubbing on the brake side of the swingarm. I checked the tire pressure and its still good. I have a little clearance in the driveshaft side about1/8 inch. Any ides on how to fix this or just get a new tire?

  2. maxcruizer

    I know that on a Vmax (also shaft drive) to put a bigger tire on, we need to move the washer that is located on the brake side and put it between the wheel splines and the inner diff hub. Works great with no issues - may want to see if that would work for you.


  3. KinkSdar

    May also be rubber forming to the outside of the tire through uni-directional cornering if you seem to make many turns in only one direction. Sometimes called tire, nipples? I think.

    My motorcycle has them on standard size tires. When I turn left I get a humming sound, it is slowly going away as a drive the motorcycle now.

  4. wzdartan

    I have read of others having the same problem when going to a wider tire. Several commenting on the problem said "they just let the rubbing part of the tire wear away,and keep an eye on it". Others have ground a bit off of the swingarm. To me... both methods sound VERY scary. I would see if there was any way I could adjust the rub out, and if not I would seriously consider going back to a narrower tire. It is not worth being badly hurt. JMHO

  5. tunc

    heres a site that does wide tyre mods

    its german i think
    does some nice work

    but what they said i dont like the tyre rubbin situation sounds a bit so so to me


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