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1st ride of the season

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  1. Ronz405

    EDIT... HERES A VIDEO Took the new to me 1100 on the its first group ride of the season and am glad to say it did great.
    Mc Abee construction put on its yearly ride. This year it was for prostate cancer. Had everything from bikes to trikes and custom built.
    Had over 200 riders and a great BBQ at the end.Hope you guys dont mind me posting this here. Here are a couple of pics.

  2. Ronz405

    Pretty trike pulling in.

  3. Ronz405

    Chevy 350 v8 chopper.

  4. Ronz405

    Have a bunch of pics but not sure if this is the right place to post them since their not v stars.

  5. quicgmicg

    You can post them in the Riders Diary....I'd love to the the pics....V Star or not

  6. Ronz405

    What section is it under? cant seem to find it.

  7. quicgmicg

    It's down towards the bottom the forum list under "Cross The Country". You'll need to click the "FORUM" tab at the top'll take you to the main forum list....scroll down towards the bottom and you'll find it.

  8. retzdaret

    I moved it for you. No big deal. The pictures look great.

  9. Ronz405

    thanks retzdaret, heres some more.

  10. Ronz405

    some more....

  11. quicgmicg

    Great pics Ron....some really nice bikes and some great customizing ideas. Thanks a million for taking the time to post them.....

  12. micg10

    looks like you really enjoyed yourselves.
    great pics.

  13. Ronz405

    Put Video in first post.

  14. zmogejyoe

    Great pics, looks like a good ride for all and a worthy cause.


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