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1st gear.

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  1. hucgleperrj351

    i am the proud owner of a 1983 yamaha 750. im not sure if its a maxim or midnight special. i have owend the bike 4 a little over a yr with no problems! i ride every where, raining or not. i was out riding one sunday morning, not beating it up just putting it thru its paces, when i came 2 a stoplight. every thing was fine. the bike was runnin smooth. there was no need 4 any concern. i pulled away from the light in first gear, again, not hotdoggin or aything, and went 4 second but was unable 2 shift! its stuck in 1st gear! my questions are, is it common 4 yamahas 2 get stuck in 1st? if so, is it a simple fix? it still starts and runs but only in 1st. i would think if the clutch was bad, then i wouldnt be able 2 start it let alone ride it in 1st! HELP!!!! any feed back would b good feedback! please send any info, helpful hints and or threats 2 my email.

  2. Jonezpoj

    I can't help as I'm deffinetly no mechanic, but more than likely minor with no prior clunking and what not. 25 year old bike, how many miles on that baby? Good luck.


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