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1996 RST . is it a cold blooded machine or are carbs dirty

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  1. muajmentes1

    I just obtained the bike 3 weeks ago and I just put on 135 miles in a matter of 3 rides. The first rides were very cold . 34 as a high. The bike would start great with choke on . idle great and as it starts warming up I get a poping from the left pipes.
    Taking off was tough and needed alot of reving and clutch slipping to be able to move. Blipping the throttle would cause hesitation and almost engine stalling .I had to rev it smoothly.
    Today i started the bike and 2 minutes later I tried pulling off and no prob. i had a little coughnig and sneezing for the first 10 minutes of riding.
    So my question being that today the weather was warmer and the bike ran better is,. is this machine overly cold blooded or do i have gunk in my carbs.
    I am running 87 oct with half a can of seafoam through it now.Once warm , the bike runs like a champ except for the hesitation when blipping the throttle. The pipes are afterMarget but dont know the history of jetting. the PO said that the bike always needed to be well warmed before riding.

  2. 4mrAkankmpr

    Check your intake boots for leaks or cracks.

  3. Jonezpoj

    They are very cold blooded as well....

  4. tartantyger97

    You might try adjusting the PMS screws (immediately underneath the diaphragm on each carburetor). The bikes typically are adjusted to run very lean, adjusting the screws for additional enrichment will ease cold-weather starting and improve cold-engine performance.

  5. hik4z

    They are a bit cold blooded, but it sounds like you need a good carb cleaning and leak check.

  6. muajmentes1

    I will check for leaks as I did with my goldwing wing. Spray carb cleaner by the intake . Or is there another spray.
    I know the bike has afterMarget pipes on and I dont know if any rejetting was done. So i would like mor einfo on this PMS screw or are you just pulling my chain PMS Screw???

  7. tartantyger97

    Sorry, it's more properly called the pilot screw, and adjusts the fuel enrichment at relatively low RPMs. It's located directly beneath the diaphragm housing on the carburetors used on the '96 to '98 RS motors - they're typically hidden by a small plastic cover. Remove the cover and turn the screw beneath (GENTLY - the slot is shallow and can be easily damaged) until the motor runs more smoothly at idle, particularly with a cold motor. Some publications, and a lot of old-timers (me included) refer to the part as a pilot metering screw, therefore - PMS.

  8. pigertat1

    It has always been that way after pipes were put on would be my bet, rejetting and sync of carbs will probably run the best it ever has----delayed accel and cold blooded are to lean of carbs. Been there.

    i just obtained the bike 3 weeks ago and i...

  9. muajmentes1

    Update. Pulled the carbs and opened up the valve covers to check the valve lash .
    Found all the intakes to be extremely tight yet all exhausts were fine. Waited a week to recieve a loaner tool kit and valve shim kit form a memeber of another forum.
    Did my valve shim replacement * adjustment0 and cleaned the carbs. The bike is a beast now. Requiring lil to no choke. Power is incredible and it doesnt cut out when accelerating. Still have the poping on decel but Im ok with that.

    i have read a few post on here which talk about valve adjustment and many say that the bike rarely needs an adjustment.
    i am glad I went with my instincts. one cyl i had to lessen the shim by .09. doesnt seem like alot but this bike runs like a champ now.

    The job is painsteaking and requires an expensive tool but is def necesary. The bike only has 27 k miles.
    the P/O told me this bike was always like this. he owned it for 2 years and 2k miles. He bought his kawa vulcan and says its a better bike.
    Heres what i think happened, original owner had enough miles and years with the bike. A major service is comming up that may cost him$1000. he sells the bike and next guy doesnt know a thing bout bikes except for riding them. He buys a kawasaki and thinks its superior thios the star. sells the star and says the bike is natured this way.

    guys 26k miles is advised to check the valves. go on and do it.

  10. Tobin1u

    I have a 96 RST and temperatures here are about the same. I do however try to use higher octane gas of 91 which was told to me as the best to use. I am now a believer in this, as I have had little problem getting this bike going this spring and it has run well. Seafoam is what use once a year and does the job nicely.

  11. hik4z

    I have a 96 RST and temperatures here are about...

    Higher octane pump gas will only help with pre-ignition symptoms (pinging) it does nothing else for an engine. So if your engine is not pinging with regular it adds nothing.

  12. muajmentes1

    No problems starting when warm, But still not right. My buddys venture i was just working on runs fine from the hit of the starter button.


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