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  1. RojalSdar949

    I've got a 1996 Royal Star that misses on one cylinder but not all the time it seems to get worse when the bike is warm and has been rode for a few miles.
    Sometimes I can get it to stop if I crack the throttle alittle bit and other times it will miss for miles and then just correct it self. I've checked the fuel pump and the seems fine and if that was bad you would think all the cylinders would run ruff.Could it be the coil or plug wire?How about the petcock or would that cause all the cylinders to run bad as well? I also have run 6 oz of sea foam through it twice just it case it might be a dirty carb. Any Ideas?

    Thanks Jerry

  2. zhovman

    Hhmm, sounds like a carb problem, dirty needle valve maybe. When was the last time you ran Seafoam through it? Do the valves sound like there could be some back lash? Would run a couple of tanks of seafoam through it first before tackling valves and timing.

  3. RojalSdar949

    Ran Sea Foam through two tank fulls ago. If it was a valve woud'nt it do it all the time?

  4. RojalSdar949

    Found the problem there was a coil wire that had come half off and was making and breaking contact so sometimes that cylinder wasn't firing.Found it when I was checking the coils with my ohm meter.Bike runs great again.


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