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1980 XS400 Oil Filter Bolt

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  1. akamor15

    Hello All,

    I need to replace the oil filter on my Yamaha XS400. I have nearly stripped the oil filter bolt in my attempts to access the filter. The bolt in question is part number 22 in the diagram in the link below.

    Does anyone have any advice on how to remove this bolt or perhaps access the filter through a different route?

    I have tried nearly everything. Torque wrenches, blow torch, vice grips, pb blaster, I just cannot get the darn bolt off!


  2. tunc

    dont know any other way to access the filter other than thru there
    must be seized in there good and well
    your going to need a new bolt anyway by the sounds of it so if the thing wont budge maybe a dremel and grind the top of washer down pull the housing off and then you can get at the shaft of it
    only thing i can suggest


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