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16th Annual National Motorcycle Convention

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  1. Squando

    Some videos. Fellow club member Randy Kofahl put together some videos on YouTube from the convention and ride. The first is a slide show of stills, mostly of the girls. There was also a car show at the same time and the cars at the end of the 1st video were part of that and all those shown in the video are owned by the same very wealthy filipino. 3 & 4 are mostly bikes showing up for Saturday's ride and then the rest are mostly of the ride itself. It's not exactly Sturgis but there were nearly 1200 big bikes there. They didn't allow scooters this year. Mine was the only Raider there and drew a lot of attention of course. Another guy in our club has a Roadliner and it was also unique to the convention. This year it was held here on Cebu and very hot. Last year it was north of Manila in Baguio. And next year it will be in the city of Davao on the island of Mindanao where you may be hearing about some Abu Serif (Al Qaeda) terrorist activities. Should be a blast.

    The convention rotates each year between Luzon (the northern island and Manila), one of the islands of the Vasayas (the central islands), and Mindanao in the south.








  2. 1Cruizer

    Thanks for posting. That is way too cool.


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