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1300 vs. the 1100, old 1100 riders speak up

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  1. TSdar

    I have never heard of anyone that downgraded from a larger bike to a smaller bike, but there are so many examples of riders moving up. If you buy an 1100 you will probably want to upgrade within a few months so just do it now.
    I did the downgrade from a Roadstar to a Vstar 1300 in 2007. Why? Smoother, faster, quicker and better balance.

  2. SdeweinFL

    And that's all that really matters! Like the rest of you guys, chicks have been hanging all over me ever since I started riding my 1300!
    Yeah, same here, but then I stopped hanging around farm yards, and that problem went away...

  3. chaser38

    I just rode a friend's Kawi Vulcan 800 home from it's visit to the doctor. It's light and scoots, but I felt every little bump in the road and now I know why he pulls over every 20 minutes. Although I did see an ad in the paper a couple of months ago:

    VTX1800. Red. Only 100 miles. Too Big. Maybe you can ride it.

    So, there's that.



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