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120 kph on a 1300 Tourer

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  1. Lintzaj43

    Just curious as to how busy the motor sounds at 110 kph on a 1300 tourer. I currently have a Vulcan 900 Custom that starts to sound pretty busy at anything over 110. And do you find that you need to downshift when overtaking on the highway at 100 kph?

  2. JuzdSdewe

    You mean like 65-70 mph? Egads man, THIS machine LOVES to run those numbers.
    I misread, and thought you were talking 110 mph. Even then, I notice no noticeable/discernable noises in vehicle. Hell the AIR rushing past yer melon at that speed is noisey enough.

    But, cruising speeds of 65-70 mph. Nothing. Quiet as a church mouse. (at least mine is). I have cobra pipes on it, and a TAK.........

  3. 9Sdarz

    If I need to pass someone at 70 its just a small twist of glorious bliss....I mean you fly by them with ease and the motor will be saying COME ON GIMME MORE!!!!!

  4. colorato54d

    I purchased the 1300 tourer after putting 28,000 miles on an 06 900LT. Riding the 1300 in 4th gear compares to riding the 900 in 5th gear. The 1300 runs best in the range you are speaking about. This bike does not even like to be in 5th gear before 55 or 60 mph. Smooth ride.

  5. ylzhooder

    My usual cruising speed is 120 KM/h. My 1300 purrs like a Tiger at that speed.

    BTW I find if I cruise at 130 or over my fuel millage drops dramatically. At 120 my fuel light come on around 280. At 130 it come on around 230.

  6. meche

    I've heard that the 1300 keeps pulling beyond 180 kph (and happily so), but I have no first hand knowledge of that. None what so ever. Nada.

  7. 9Sdarz

    I can say honestly at high speed the 1300 pulls very hard and the bike actually gets very stable and almost scary. Scary in the sence that you are more worried about loosing skin off your cheeks because they as Cole put it are slapping against the back of your head. The 1300 when tuned right is very unexpectedly fast. I like it when people ride one and then say huh I did'nt expect that.

    The windsheild though really does limit the speed of it dramaticly so if you wanna keep yourself in check put one on. I put mine on all the time

  8. ttt153

    180km/h+ no problem and very stable. I do that all the time here in So. Cal. I just make sure I tuck my head under the windshield so my cheeks don't look like those g-force test guinea pigs. Btw, there's a speedometer discrepancy, so not really sure if the speed reading error gets compounded as speed goes up. I guess I can get an accurate reading with a GPS or have someone trail me... Nah... I better not.

  9. hoppie

    G/Day , I've Just riden from Darwin NT to Sydney NSW & sat on 130 kpa for 3 days running (9oo ks) a day. Then when i reached the east coast & turned south took my time & had a look around doing 4-500 ks a day for 4 days at a slightly lower speed. Bike went great, just purred along with very little down shift to pass unless i was bored .

  10. Apowe21

    170-180km/h is no problem. Still very steady. My speedo/odometer has a discrepancy of 2%.

  11. auzzie808

    Hey hoppie, I did a 8000k run over Chrissy, from Bris-Vegas to Adelaide and bvack. Loved it.
    As you say, the 1300 never misses a beat and just rolls along all day looking for more work.
    We averaged about 600 k a day, but had a short days and a couple of long ones, and probably sat on 120 all day , with bursts up to 180.
    My tacho says 3100 rpm at a bit over 110 klm, and 3500 rpm will see about 140 klm. When I had her at 186 kph, I didn't look at the tacho for a while, so I don't know what revs she was doing, but if the road was longer I'm sure she would have pulled 200kph +.
    I don't have a screen, just a comfy seat and a stupid grin!!
    The trip down the middle would have to be high speed wouldn't it, pretty straight and not much to look at.
    Anyway, take care.

  12. cole2273

    the fastest Ive had mine is 132mph not sure what that is in kph. Ive done a few things since that day, so I might be able to squeeze 134-135mph.

  13. MorkKW

    I've stated it in the past, but while riding 2-up on our Tourer (with Buck's Lowers), we were still accelerating at 120 (193 kph) while still "in 4th gear" with a little more top end still to be found when I decided it was enough since we were VERY quickly approaching some traffic up ahead, and that was PRIOR to adding Shane's custom air kit. The one thing my little daredevil wifey said was that she couldn't believe how smooth it was traveling at that speed.

  14. auzzie808

    I just fitted the K & N Air Filter to the old girl, and I reckon it just completes the package nicely. The PC3 and V&H Pipes were good, but the K&N lets her hum along without a worry in the world. I rode a mates stocker a few weeks ago, and although it is a great bike, the difference is quite unbelievable.
    (Cheers Jeff)
    I now find I'm in a lower gear for the same speed - or doing the same speed for a few less revs- whichever way you want to look at it, and I'm also able to get around a few slower corners in a higher gear than I could before, without changing down, and if I do pick the wrong gear, she chugs out of it anyway instead of coughing and spluttering.
    I reckon it takes about 200 less revs to do what I was doing before, and that she "comes on" a LOT stronger than before. I love it, and I think she does too.
    Only a few months ago I was seriuosly considering a 1900, but now I'm more than happy with this "little" 1304!! Whereas a few months ago I thought I might upgrade, now, I just don't see the need. This thing does all I could ask of it, and , in my opinion, looks good doing it. I haven't had the chance to wind it out since I fitted the K&N , but I'm guessing it would give her a few more kph, but whatever she does, she's fast enough for me, and keeps up with all but the best.
    It's been around 28 to 33 celsius in Brisbane lately (great spring weather), so I've had a couple of after works rides.
    Queensland, beautiful 1 day, perfect the next!!!!
    Keep on smiling.

  15. cbdklowal

    Just curious as to how busy the motor sounds at 110 kph on a 1300 tourer. I currently have a Vulcan 900 Custom that starts to sound pretty busy at anything over 110. And do you find that you need to downshift when overtaking on the highway at 100 kph?
    In 5th you get plenty of passing power at about 70mph or 112ish kph. I will downshift to pass if I'm going slower than that in 5th.

    I don't notice any business from under me until over 80mph or 130kph. If you spend much time over 80 on one of these bikes, I think it wants air mods. I can tell it could burn more AF mixture if only it could get more AF mixture at that speed, the intake seems a bit restrictive.


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