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  1. rzchafer2

    You guys who already ride a 1100 can help me make up my mind.
    Is trading up to a 1100 from a 650 a good idea? Why or why not.
    Thank you in advance for your help.

  2. fupar

    I am not sure if this answers your question, as far as if it is worth it to TRADE UP to an 1100, but this is why I went with the 1100.

    I had pondered between getting the 650 & the 1100.

    The main questions the people on this forum asked me (to help me make up my mind) were:
    - most of the time, will you be riding alone, or 2-up,
    - how fast do you ride (the 650 will keep up with the big boys until around 90 mph),

    Other than that, the two bikes are almost the same (phsyically).
    There is about a 105 lb. weight difference between the two. The 1100 has a larger speedometer, and the choke control lever is mounted on the handelbars, instead of under the fuel tank.

    For me, I almost went with the 650. Both bikes are awesome. I just didn't want to accessorize a 650, then later, maybe decide that I wanted something larger.

    A friend of mine is considering getting a 650. Like I said, both bikes are awesome. Find someone that has a 1100, and take it for a spin.

    Good luck.

  3. Snufftokk

    I have the 07 silverado 1100. It is a nice bike, but I sure wished I had gone with the 1300. The 1100 has too much maintenance for me. I bought the thing to ride, not sit at home every 4000 miles and spend all day working on it or even worse, taking it to the shop and letting Yamaha techies work on it and charge me a small fortune everytime. A simple oil and filter change should be a 15 minute job, not 2 hrs. Yes there are add on's to change that, but I don't want to spend 250 - $300.00 to do it. I don't like carburators as much as fuel injection. As you can tell I was not very educated when I bought this thing.

  4. Rozewillerot

    I had a Seca 750 and went with the 1100. Really nice bike, but I REALLY miss the power! My next bike will be bigger.

  5. fupar

    A simple oil and filter change should be a 15 minute job, not 2 hrs. Yes there are add on's to change that, but I don't want to spend 250 - $300.00 to do it.
    Yes, changing the oil filter is a royal pain. You would think that Yamaha would have fixed this design flaw after the 1st year. But, I really enjoy my 1100. So, for me, yes, I will shell out the $250 ± for the ORK. The way I look at it, it's a one-time fix, plus, since the kit comes chromed, it is one more way for me to add some more chrome to the bike.

  6. 9Sdarz

    I would say go with a 1300 because they start right away and I can keep up with my friend on his 1800 VTX doing 120 no problem.

  7. fupar

    I would say go with a 1300 because they start right away ...
    It all depends on how good (or bad) someone took care of the bike.

    When my engine is cold, I just do a full choke, no throttle, and it starts right up every time.

    I would say go with a 1300 because ... I can keep up with my friend on his 1800 VTX doing 120 no problem.
    You got me there. My 1100 is no match for the larger bikes.
    (Besides, riding 90 + isn't my style.)

    I want to enjoy the riding experience. Why would anyone want to be in a hurry, and shorten the length of time spent riding?

  8. 9Sdarz

    Actually the higher speeds are acheived when the impatient leader has to pass the four slow cars in front of us. The impatient leader rides a VTX and being left behind sucks.......Anyway I good peice of advice was given to me when I was looking to buy my first bike, Purchase the biggest bike you can afford because if you don't you will be kicking yourself latter.

  9. MigejCojode

    Maybe this would be the better question:

    Of those who have some time on their 1100 is anybody here still really happy with their 1100? Anybody here not actively thinking about getting a bigger bike?

  10. fewer

    I just uped from an 800 Vulcan to an 1100 V-star in the fall, now we just need to get rid of this snow so I can ride again.
    Love the bike

  11. quicgmicg

    Maybe this would be the better question:Of those who have some time on their 1100 is anybody here still really happy with their 1100? Anybody here not actively thinking about getting a bigger bike?
    Damn good question. Am I happy with my 1100? Yes I am. Are there days I wish I had a different bike? Of course! There are days I miss my ZX6R. If all I want to do is go fast, I'll go buy another one of those 600CC screamers in a heartbeat. Sometimes I think about long trips. A Gold wing or a Road Star would be a nice fit. I just don't have the time for that type of riding now.

    To answer your question - bigger isn't always better. The old 1100 is as perfect all around bike as I could have for the way I like to ride most often. I'm completely happy with it. I don't think I'll ever get rid of it. I ride with people that ride the way I do. For me it's the journey - not the destination that is important. Or maybe I'm just getting old and I'm no longer really concerned about how "cool" I look or what other people might think. I just want to have an enjoyable ride on a very well balanced and comfortable bike. Will I ever buy another bike? Damn right I will. But the 1100 will probably always be in my garage.


  12. Bulltok

    I've had my 1100 for 4 years now and enjoy the thing as much as the first day I bought her. I don't get to ride everyday during the riding season but do take long planned weekend trips. Awesome bike!

  13. Dawit67

    I've had my 1100 for three years now and I love it. As far as passing power mine has no problem getting up into the low 100's, which I do not do. To me if you can hit 90 you can pass almost anyone. If you have to go faster to pass someone you shouldn't be passing them. I have had very little maintenance issues with mine, yes I take mine to the dealership to get serviced; only because I am not confindent in myself to do the required mileage maintenance (6,000, 8,000, etc.). I do agree that you should by the bigest bike you can afford though. The 1100 was the biggest I could get my wife to agree to.

  14. Chromie289

    I don't know if you want a female's opinion or not, but here it is.
    The first question I'd ask is how experienced of a rider are you? I totally disagree with those that say buy the biggest bike you can afford (no offense guys) so you don't "kick yourself later". I've seen plenty of people do that who have little experience and it's sad when they can't learn to ride WELL, because the bike is too big for their limited ability. And the moment a bike isn't respected, it'll *kick* your apple every time.
    My first bike was a 1985 Kawasaki 700 LTD. It was great to learn on, had great manuverablity etc. BUT..... It lacked the low end torque that I wanted. Had a lot of top end power, but just didn't have "grunt" for start up.
    I bought an 1100 custom, and I will NEVER outgrow this bike. I'm not tiny, I weigh 185lbs. This bike sings happily even at 90mph. It keeps up fine with a Suzuki Hayabusa that I ride with just fine, and has no problem giving me whatever I want. Now I'm not one to ride 90 consistantly don't get me wrong, but there is ALWAYS a lot of extra power there whenever I want it. Crack that throttle and hold on! I almost bought a VTX1300 because it fit me like a glove. But after riding my buddy's 1300, I'd choose my 1100 everytime, hands down.

  15. rljonz

    I own an 1100, a Goldwing and a Suzuki Burgman 650 and I can tell you I would never sell the 1100. I use the 1100 for short to moderate trips and the wing for over the road long trips. Not because the 1100 would not take the longer trips but because the wing has cruise control, CB/AM FM radio and a lot of storage. The 1100 will run all day at highway speeds and is a lot easier to handle at low speeds. It is a fine bike and you will not be sorry if you buy one. To buy as large a bike that you can afford is foolish if the 1100 does all you want to do and as has been said a bike that is too big for you is a disaster waiting to happen.

  16. ntmom

    I agree with buying the biggest bike you can afford and handle. I knew I needed to move up from an old 650 bike when I bought my new 1100 Star in '06 because I didn't like the power across large intersections and the power on the road. I felt safer with the power in these situations, but I am not a hard rider on the road.....but could if needed and that is what I like, it's there when I need it. I love my 1100, only passenger is my son.

  17. zdarmom

    Im am SO happy to hear from the Ladies here........

    Ive got a buyer for my 650 comming today...........and ive been dreaming of an 1100 custom since last summer.........

    My husband is having a cow because he is worried about the weight difference between the current 650 and the 1100.......all I keep seeing here is positives and how balanced you all feel the 1100 is........I am tall 5'7" and when I sit on the 1100.........oh baby.............feels like we belong together.......


  18. rzchafer2

    I finally made up my mind. I bought an new 06 1100 Classic Black Cherry last Friday. Got it for $7,600 when the dust settled after trade. On paper, got $4,700 for my 07 650 Custom. I know many of you thought I should get the 1300. Due to it being more money than I wanted to spend and that I like the way the 1100 looks better.... Bike has about 50 miles on it now. Waiting for better weather so that I can break it in. Believe it or not, I'm looking forward to the first oil change, so that I can see how "fun" it really is. We'll see about the ORK. Thanks for all the help in making this decision.

  19. vgink18054

    I believe you will be happy with rhe 1100. I bought mine in oct. 07 and i love it. i have no desires for a bigger bike, the 1100 does all i need and more

  20. Vzdarwic

    I had a Virago 1100 that I traded for an 1100 Vstar Custom. 75,000 km later I sold it and bought a 1300 Venture. I have had the Venture for close to 3 years now and I am seriously thinking I will sell it and go back to another 1100 Vstar. I like the Custom rather than the Classic. I did have the Silverado bags on the custom, but had to do a lot of cutting and welding to make them fit. That was in 1999, before Yamaha made the mounts for the Custom.

    I never had any problems with the Custom over 75,000 km and usually two up and towing a trailer too.

    I don't like traveling the super slabs, but would rather take the twisty roads. Time is usually not a factor.



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