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1100 vibration 60-70 mph

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  1. wzdartan

    I must just be lucky I guess. My 1100 runs just great at 90 on the speedo..which would put it around 84 mph .... rode almost 5 hours today on the freeway. No need for a 6th gear.... no "vibration"...just a nice ride.
    Same here Mick. I cruised at 90mph (on the speedo) for about thirty five miles a couple of weekends ago on the way out to the farm. Smooth as glass, comfortable ride and more throttle left. I don't really need any more than that. With the right air intake, proper jetting and correct carb tuning, the V Stars are just fine on the highways. At least mine is.

  2. KinkSdar

    Did my carb sync again this weekend using the DIY sync tool tubes and oil.

    Sync my carbs exact dead center, which was way cool to see that.

    While I was out test riding to see what changed if anything the motorcycle seems smoother much smoother than before anyways after my last long trip when I think it was working itself out of balance a bit.

    All went well.

    Now I have a new issue, I think its bad gas. When I stop at a light or make a stop it spits and sputters off and on, but not all the time. But accels and decels just fine without any problems. Heck accels so much to where I have to actually check my speed now.

  3. Mige

    How's the idle? Sounds like it may be set too low. Your engine needs to be good and hot when you adjust your idle. Just throwing that out there...something to consider. Then again it may be bad gas. I would suggest filling up at a different place next time to see if it gets any better.

  4. retzdaret

    What Mige said and of course run a little Seafoam in it.

  5. KinkSdar

    How's the idle? Sounds like it may be set too...
    Idles good, set at 980 rpm's via my guage.
    Like I said though, doesn't do it all the time, just once in a while.

    Stopped to pay a bridge toll and darn near stalled. Stop at the next light and was fine. Got home fine still.
    Running seaform through it to.

  6. Sduplyumbr

    When I am riding with my friends we are usually cruising at 120-125kms/hr (80mph I think) and my bike handles it no problem. I don't have any vibration since I replaced my rear tire and my bike is only reving around 4000rpms so I still have lots left. And I get compliments all the time about my nice Harley.

  7. LiddleBen

    I donot get any vibration to amount to anything at 80 mph muchless 60. I ride pretty hard sometimes and as for working hard. The 1100 is only turning about 2400 rpm at 60 still a long way to redline. With a few mods an 1100 Yami will eat Harleys for lunch. This aint no joke. As for 6th gear, the right mods take that feeling out of the equasion altogether. Just my humble opinion.,L.B.



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