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1100 vibration 60-70 mph

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  1. prikkz

    I've been renting Harley's (HSTC) for three years now and am looking to buy a used (2002) 1100 Classic. I really like the styling and, with three kids in college, I need to get into riding as cheaply as possible. Unfortunately, Yamaha doesn't rent bikes so I haven't had much time on one of these. My friends all ride 1400-1700 cc Harley's and cruise 65-75 mph. I test rode a 2007 1100 Classic the other day and it was great until I got up to 60, then a vibration set in like the kind that massages your feet at a Brookstone store. Someone advised that that is typical of a Yamaha of that size because it is working pretty hard at that speed, and that I should move up to a Road Star if I'm going to be cruising with my friends. Is this vibration typical? I would think it would get annoying after a while. Any input would be appreciated. BTW, my friends have no problem with me riding a Yamaha amongst their Harley's. It's all about the ride.

  2. yaro

    I would say it is "normal". A lot guys including me wish there was a 6th gear on that bike.

  3. wzdartan

    Sync. the carbs. Vibration at highway speeds can be a typical symptom of the carbs. being out of sync. on these bikes. Good luck.

  4. yohntoe1

    i road a vstar 1100 for 4 years and just traded it for a 06 roadstar 1700.
    let me tell you about the 1100....its a fine bike first off .but after riding with my harley buds i was left in the dust and wanting more power.
    mind you my bike was no slouch
    slip on cobras
    maxair air kit
    maxair jet kit
    but if your riding with the big harleys you will want more power.
    up around 70 and above the 1100 does have vibration.....and at that speed even with my mods it felt like i was really pushing the bike .at 80 mph you feel like the bike is screaming in the revs.
    riding 2 up going uphill on the 1100 left me wanting more power bad .have to keep downshifting going uphill or the bike will lag .
    its a fine machine but really lacks in torque.

    so i traded in for a 06 roadstar 1700
    the difference is night and day .the roadstar in stock form has at least 88-90 ft pounds of torque .
    the 1100 will never reach this plato unless extensive engine work was done .
    i must say the 1700 roadstar loafs along at 70-80 easy and it does not feel like your bike is screaming in the revs .much smoother vibration at those speeds.thats the first thing i noticed when i test rode the roadstar 1700.
    i was hitting 70-80 mph easy without even knowing .i looked at the speedo and was like "whoa",and it was a smooth ride .not like the 1100 which felt like it was vibrating and reved up pretty high .
    the roadstar 1700 doesnt have alot more horsepower ,but it does have gobs of torque and thats where its at in the cruiser dept.
    this bike has more torque then the harleys do .do a google search for roadstar vrs harley and you will soon see.

    riding 2up on this 1700 is a breeze.i no longer feel underpowered.the roadie has a actual pushrod engine whereas the 1100 does not .

    i am a big guy at 5,8 220lbs (used to be 250)and the 1100 defenitly left me wanting more riding with my harley buds with thier 1540`s fuel injected bikes.
    now i can probably take thats not what i was after .i just want to keep up and know the power is there when i need it .
    feels great cruising along at 70 with no vibration and power to spare .i have never even tickled the rev limiter yet.

    go for the bigger bike i say ,you wont be sorry .

    i have had the 2001 vstar 650
    the 05 vstar 1100
    and now the 06 roadstar 1700
    so i speak from experience on all these bikes.ride safe....


  5. KinkSdar

    The 1100 has a top rated speed of around 95. So pushing 70 your probably looking at very high revs as this point.

    I just took mine out over this weekend. Was pusing 75+ for a prolonged time on the highway. For me it seemed fine nothing out the norm.

    However hitting 80 the other day passing a car and during accel the engine like to strain, just the way it seems to be. That and 2 up with 40lbs in the baggages doesn't help either.

    Cruising anything around 60-65 is idel for this machine.
    If you need the more power, I would say look into doing a carb upgrade with some larger jets and added shims to the stock needles. That should help along with some intake work and exhaust mods. This may take awhile to work out but worth it from what I understand. I am currently building my money stock to figure this all out.

    For the first time every since I bought my used 1100, this weekend it threw my back in the saddle. I drilled out the three hole mod like many others with large holes this time around and did a full oil filter and oil change with new exhaust gromments front and back. Sync carbs and valve adjustment a while back. It seems my machine had a bad exhaust gasket leak near the rear pipe almost frying my thigh and causing vacuum issues.

    I did 133 miles total with 110 of at highway 65-70 and city remainder using 3.3 gallons, getting roughly 40 miles per gallon.
    Last time I did city driving I did 140 on average with around 4 gal used nearly 35 mpg or so.

  6. Mige

    I think for the type of riding you're looking at doing with your buddies. I think you should look at a Road Star also.

  7. ABQaudoxer

    I would add to consider the 1300 as well. I test rode one and was surprised it seemed to work a lot less hard at 80mph with less vibration than the 1100. I've never ridden a Roadstar to compare and I didn't spend a ton of time on the 1300 to see how it was the rest of the time but if the dealer had tried a bit harder, I would probably own a 1300 right now instead of my 1100.

  8. Mige

    My G.F. has a 2002 Heritage Softail Classic and my 2005 1100 Classic compliments her bike looks wise (or is it the other way around ). Her bike rides smoother than mine, mine is lighter more easily maneuverable. After doing rejetting and airkit, I'm sure mine is faster at least off the line. I would guess that she wouldn't catch up until triple digits. I think when I can afford it, I'll move up to a Road Star. I have a picture of the two of our bikes together in one of my photo albums on this site if you want to check it out.

  9. prikkz

    Hey everyone, thanks for some great feedback. You can't get this kind of honest, experienced insight in the dealer showroom. Interesting thing is that for 80% of the riding, it seems the 1100 would be a more easily maneuverable and lighter bike to have around town. It's now how much am I willing to give that up (and the extra money) for the other 20% of highway cruising with the bigger bike. Will look into the 1300 as well. Thanks again.

  10. yohntoe1

    triple digits on a vstar 1100?good luck with that .i think she will be blowing you away.
    like i said my 1100 was no slouch..i had the cobra slipons,i had the maxair jet kit,i had the k&n pods from maxair too.
    any harley 1200cc or better will leave you in its wake.
    it was a decent ride until i started riding with the harleys,then i needed to step it up .and 2 up riding was leaving me wanting more .

    i found more in the roadstar 1700.and the pricetag is not terrible can get one used with very low miles for 7999.00 most places .
    you just cant beat the pushrod engine this bike has .

    i hear the vstar 950 is way ahead the vstar 1100 now .i hear that from the dealers and some guys who rode them.this i can believe .i dont think i ever had that 1100 above 90mph.
    at 80 it didnt feel that good to me so 90 was a rare occasion indeed.

    the roadstar i have now i was at 90 today on the highway with my harley bud and i had no problem keeping up .

    i love the yamaha line of bikes ..they have great looks and they fit my frame better than the harleys do ..but if you want to keep up with a pack of hogs...get the roadstar and dont look back.

    seriously...i have road most of them
    now the 1700........havent tried the 950 or 1300 yet but i hear good things.

    good luck with whatever you choose.

  11. 1CuzdominFL

    I guess it all depends on what you do most of the time. I have the 1100 custom, stock except for de-baffled stock pipes. It runs good, quicker than pretty much any car I've had to get around, and I run with my buddy and his street bob all the time, including on the interstate from time to time (70mph+). Granted, I don't have experience with anything else to compare it to, but I can say that for just under 90k miles, the 1100's drivetrain has proven itself to me. And I like to go fast, I'll hit 55 in 2nd gear without worrying about anything blowing apart.

    As far as highway speeds, yes a 6th gear would be awesome, but that's not happening. It runs higher RPM's, but the 1100 is short-stroked enough that it can run those RPM's all day long. I think the overhead cam design helps with that too. But anyhoo, just my $.02.

  12. quicgmicg

    I must just be lucky I guess. My 1100 runs just great at 90 on the speedo..which would put it around 84 mph .... rode almost 5 hours today on the freeway. No need for a 6th gear.... no "vibration"...just a nice ride.

    If you want more poop at the higher speeds...all you need is a simple $200 cam upgrade, a decent intake and exhaust system and you'll turn it into a great road machine and you'll be running down those Harley's with no problem. I mean, lets face've got about $15,000 to spend on upgrades before your close to the price of Harley. $2,000 - $4,000 to match the price of a Road Star.... dump a mere $1000-$1500 and you'll have real screamer.....if that is what you want.

  13. 1CuzdominFL

    Yeah there's definitely aftermarket galore for the 1100. And yes if you want to get into the motor, which actually the cams are easy to get to, you can really uncork the engine.

  14. nadzcarbelli1

    I agree with quicgmicg. My 07 Custom is bone stock except for removing the baffles and it will do 160km/h(100mph). That is pushin it, but she cruises 140-150 km/h (87-93mph) quite comfortably for extended periods. I find that it starts to smooth out the vibes up at these speeds rather than around the 60mph where it vibes your hands numb sometimes.

  15. KinkSdar

    I agree with quicgmicg. My 07 Custom is bone stock...
    I noticed that myself during my recent highway trip of 60-75 mph. At 60 she runs just fine, but roll into the throttle a bit and the vibrations start during accel. hit 70 and your rev's are pretty steady nice even flow up to 75. At which revs seem to level out and add comfort from the vibration anyways.

  16. ABQaudoxer

    i hear the vstar 950 is way ahead the vstar...
    FWIW I test rode a 950 silverado and I really liked it. I would say the power is similar to the 1100 but the floorboards are way lower than on my 1100 Custom and I dragged them on a very easy test ride by mistake. Above 60mph it was not on the same level at the 1300 for easy of cruising/accelerationg to 80mph. However, like you said, they all seem very good. I would really love to test ride a Roadstar but I'm afraid if I do, I'll have to buy one.

  17. KinkSdar

    FWIW I test rode a 950 silverado and I really...
    I was going after the 950 when I looked into Yamaha. Found my 1100 for far less.
    I think I might agree later. Drop a few hundred to a grand into the 1100 and have it compare to a 1300 for engine usage after upgrade perhaps.

  18. lorzpan

    Yeah, these 1100's aren't really built for speed. But, if you want to cruise at 65-75, there are no better bikes out there.

    Riding with some friends (some on sportbikes), I felt my bike straining a lot at around 85-90. I think I went over 90 but I'm not sure since the vibes were jackhammer-crazy at that point.

    That said, I tend to avoid group rides since it somehow forces me to think about upgrading a just recently bought bike! Nothing I hate more than doing things for the sake of other people and let's face it, if there weren't for the other riders, we'd be fine with a 650. Unless of course, we're speed freaks and if so, we'd be on R1's or CBR's.

  19. poppj

    for the money you can not beat the 1100....i just came down the freeway at 70 mph for 50 problems ever.....i do this 3 times a week....i have friends with old 1100 with 60,000 plus miles on them.....they hardly ever change oil or plugs or do valves.....they just ride them.....the one guy brags that he has 67,000 miles and changes oil every 10,000 miles....he says he buys what ever oil is on sale....he only uses dino oil because its the cheapest...he never has to add oil between changes....he carrys two spark in his tool kit....the last time he changed plugs was at 48,000 miles.....he said the bike was starting to run rough so he pulled to the side of the road and put in two new plugs and he is still going....bob

  20. KinkSdar

    I recently re hauled my motor after previous owner neglect and still working out some fine tuning but otherwise runs like a champ now compared to before.

    I will tell you that I am running semi-syn now. Sometimes I get a miss from 1st to 2nd, or course it could be my foot not pushing hard enough too.
    Before I ran full syn, mixed with previous left overs from not changing out filter and ran fine. But started to knock once I get past 1k with new oil and had to pull the filter. Filter looked original and this machine has 32k on it now, I put 1500 on it.

    Had mine up to 75 last night again just to check it out. Felt good slight vibration but nothing out of the norm on my end. But I do know the engine is going to need a balance again soon and a carb re-sync just to double check everything is correct.


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