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1100 v star vs 1100 honda sabre

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  1. RWilliamz

    I sold my 650 to my son picked up an 1100 Sabre 2001 model 16 k fully dressed with hard bags for 3000$ I love the bike but was wondering how an 1100 compares performance wise. I am a big guy the 650 was just to small for me and I could not ride my wife comfortably the Honda is fast very fast my problem is I am having a struggle learning to like the lines of the Honda the V Stars line are the most beautiful around bar none. By what I have read the 1100 is only a little bigger size wise by fractions of an inch over the 650 and I felt like it was too small .From what I have read the 1100 does not perform a whole lot better than my sons 650 that is Gakked V&H Short Shots etc. I rode the 650 last nite it felt like a go cart compared to the Honda the Honda will run 60 in 2nd gear heck I was playing on it and was running 90 in 3rd gear with 4th and 5th still left tell me what you all think . I may go see if the local dealer has a used 1100 and test ride it to see for myself.

  2. LiddleBen

    I have ridden the sabre quite a bit. Performancewise. I would say that there is not that much difference in the V Star and the sabre in stock trim. I just like the Vstar a little better for it's lines and the engine sound is more harleyish than the Sabre. I have a friend with a Sabre and it sounds like an overgrown Briggs and Stratton to me.,Sorry. If I had it to do over would I stick with or buy another Yami? Yep I sure would.They are just a comfortable bike to me. Just my Nickel's worth.,L.B.

  3. RWilliamz

    My questions about performance come from reading Mikey Coyote s riding of an 1100 he said it was not much better performance wise than his 650 which is modified like my 650 is. The 1100 is the same size as the 650 give or take an 1/2 to 1 inch here and there. I was cramped on the 650 so an 1100 would not gain me anything there. Over all Mikey said he was not impressed but man I love the lines of the V stars. The Honda was too good of a deal to pass up. I guess I will learn to like the line of it.

  4. quicgmicg

    I read Mikey's review too. I've ridden 650's and they are fine, but with a few minor mods, the 1100 is a much better road bike, and can have a ton more performance. That is why I have one. Again, I'm an 1100 owner and probably just as biased as anyone else doing a one shot ride review. I"ll admit that I am looking at picking up a 650 to chop up for a short trip bobber....

    That Honda is also a great bike though. You got a great deal and that is even sweeter. I'm sure it will work out very well for you. I'm happy for you!!!

  5. RWilliamz

    Hey thanks I like the Honda its just the Stars lines are just about perfect in my eyes I am going to paint it and make it really mine just like I did with the V Star

  6. bkman

    In my opinion, the 1100 is no rocket in stock trim - and it isn't even that fast with all the usual bolt-on modifications. If you dig into the motor and change pistons and camshafts, you can get some pretty serious performance from this bike, but most people aren't that interested in wrenching to that level. If you want high performance, you probably should shop somewhere else - the V-Star 650 and 1100 are just not that kind of machine. That being said, I have no complaints at all about my bike (with the modified intake and exhaust). It will cruise on the Interstate all day long at 80 MPH and still have enough thrust to comfortably overtake a slower vehicle (in the rare instance that it should be necessary). The fantastic balance, easy handling and all-day comfort of the V-Stars more than make up for a negligible real-world power defecit (in my opinion). Also, the V-Star 1100 has a way better aftermarket than the Honda, so you can really customize it.

    I don't know much about the Honda 1100, but I'd bet it is a high-revving, four-valve design, and that it is a higher compression motor because it is water cooled. I would expect it to run harder than the V-Star 1100. It looks to me, though, like the Honda is an older design that is taller and more top-heavy. I don't imagine it would be as easy to ride or as comfortable.

    As to how the Star 1100 compares to the 650, I can say that I've only ever ridden one 650. It may have been broken (I don't think it was), but it was jetted and had drag pipes. In that configuration, it was not satisfactory to me - even when compared to my bone-stock 1100. Maybe with PODs, the 650 V-Stars are a lot better.

  7. RWilliamz

    Yes you are right it is taller but it only weighs 580 pounds I think .Honda claims in an old review it makes 54 hp at that time that was equal to the other makers 1600 bikes. It handles different than my 650 but once I adjusted to it it is fine it also runs like a raped ape it is very quick I just love the stars lines

  8. bkman

    Well, for what it's worth, the stock horsepower on the V-Star 1100 is within spitting distance of that 54HP number. The difference between the two probably boils down to gearing, weight and the top end. The V-Star isn't a very heavy breather - at least not with the stock intake - and it is only two valves / cylinder.

  9. RWilliamz

    Thanks I was wondering about the V stars power. The Honda is geared low it has a big gap between 1st and 2nd and then 3rd 4th 5th are right together so close that sometimes I do not know if I have shifted it . I am still going to try to ride an 1100 though. Just found another spec sheet from Honda I was wrong it has 64 hp. A Star is no where near that Ithink

  10. bkman

    ...I was wrong it has 64 hp. A Star is no where near that Ithink
    Well, I think it's 52HP stock - and I am not sure of the torque but I'd bet the 1100's peak power is produced at a much lower RPM. Plus, it's a heavier bike. Supposedly, the 1100s with some minor mods (intake / jet kits and exhausts) dyno in the 60+ HP range, so a modified V-Star might be in the fight. I know there was a very pronounced improvment on my bike after I changed the pipes and swapped the terribly restrictive OEM intake plumbing for a Maxair intake kit. Still, the fact remains that the V-Stars (at least the 650 and 1100) are just not power cruisers. I'd say the Sabre is more comparable to an Intruder (Boulevard S83), which is a force to be reckoned with on the street - though it does have a larger motor than either the Honda or the Star.

    What the heck - they're all good bikes, though. It just depends on your priorities.

  11. 1662Ken

    I started out (after several years away from motorcycling) by purchasing a V-Star 650 in '07. I kept it only a couple of months before realizing it wasn't up to the task of 2-up riding. I lost my butt financially in trading for the V-Star 1100 but the difference in power is waaaaaaaaay different between the two bikes (in 2007 anyway). I can ride 2-up all day and have plenty of acceleration to keep up with the V-8 cars on the highway, and that in my book is fast enough!

  12. LiddleBen

    Like I said in stock trim I wouldn't turn around for the HP difference between the two.,L.B.


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