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1100 v star classic

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  1. shademountain

    Newbe here, so this might have been discussed before, but I was checking other sites and couldn't get a good hard answer. I have a 1100 classic with 3500 miles on it, how much travel should there be when its in first gear and shut off (you know just rolling it back and forth) reason being there is I can descride it as a jingleing in the shaft area only when im pulling to a stop with the clutch in or out it dosent matter and im not under power. When under power you dont hear a thing. Ive been readin about the failures these things are having with the middle gears and it has me a little worried. Had yamaha shaft bikes for 20 years and never had problems. any advice or if more info is needed i'll provide what I can. BTW pulled the side covers off and looked in to where the U-joint hooks up and that looks fine and tight so it would appear that its up futher in the middle gear area... Thanks

  2. BikRet

    I get a decent amount of roll with the engine off, I'll throw this in the wind, is your oil level good and clean? Also check around all the AIS plumbing, it may just be a loose bolt. Good luck and I'm sure you will get a few more posts with some better ideas than what I can offer. Let us know if you find anything out.

  3. shademountain

    Oil only has 1000 miles on it so that shouldn't be an issue but it wouldn't hurt to change it to see. I'll check the AIS didn't think of that

  4. quicgmicg

    Newbe here, so this might have been discussed before, but...

    The drive shaft problems seem to center on the U joint area, so if that looks good and tight, you're OK. It's where the nut that holds the yoke on the mid shaft is....that we've seen the breakage.

    As far as the "jingling" I can hear it a little in mine at times too..and I think it's just inherent in the design. It's a really quiet noise and I can only hear it when every thing is shut off on mine.

    I'm sure you checked for a brake pad rubbing?

  5. shademountain

    Thanks that is good to hear and no I didn't check the brake pads but I had it up on blocks this past Saturday running in first gear and it seemed to be in the shaft area. But that could just be my hearing I'll check the pads

  6. quicgmicg

    Cool....let us know what you find.....

  7. shademountain

    Found a loose exhaust mounting bolt so far, have to run it tomorrow night see if it makes a difference.

  8. Contor2

    Jingleing.....did you check your gremlin bell.... Jut kidding, I couldn't resist.


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