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1100 Silverado Intake Issue !

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  1. pelkarion35

    This is long but it had to be......

    Hi everyone I am new here, my name is Bob and I own a 2006 1100 silverado. I will get right to the point and keep it as brief as possible.
    Background :
    ’06 Silverado 1100, 3k miles and have owned it for 2 months. It recently stalled on me doing 50 mph…not good. Previously was running fine, except for one previous stall weeks earlier I attributed to not warming bike long enough (it was cool that morning..I am in the boston area)….the recent 50 mph stall was after riding for about 20 miles, in warm weather. After the stall the bike wouldn’t start until after I let it sit for 10 minutes or so. Got it started and a half mile down the road it quit again. Started right up though, however 2 miles down road it quit a third time. Finally made it home after that though. There was plenty of gas (half tank) I described this to a dealer over the phone and he told me it sounds like the ethanol in gas is messing up my carbs. $400.00 fix !….He said this was very common with carbed bikes these days. ….I am not a mechanic and have no desire to have my bike in pieces in my garage trying to fix this myself…I am not what you would call mechanically inclined… However I am willing to try to eliminate a few things (fuel filter,bad gas..bad plug…etc) before I take it somewhere to be fixed by the pros. My question is, based on my description can anyone offer another thought on the problem ? …Has anyone experienced the same ? and what did you do or have done to it? ..I don’t want a service shop ripping me off. if this was a common problem like the service shop said it was , how come I don’t see posts on this forum and on others I have checked describing the same issue from other bike owners?

    Additional INFO: I took off the fuel tank and opened up the Silencer cover and there is /was a small puddle of OIL inside and also inside the forward Air cleaner joint . Also the whole inside surface has oil on it...How the heck did oil get in there? …Someone please tell me this is NOT major problem !!!

    Choke and Warmup….after I completely disengage the choke during warmup I noticed that it sputters when I rev it to just above idle speed….after it is warm it is fine though. could this be another symptom of the underlying problem ?… I anticipate this occurring again frankly ....

    any help would be greatly appreciated

    thank you ..bob from boston

  2. quicgmicg


    I'm no expert, but I think a small amount of oil in the intake is pretty much normal on these air cooled V twins. The tolerances are set pretty loose when cold and I think that can allow some oil into the intake.

    You're stalling problem has me stumped though. I know there can be problems with some Hypercharger set ups actually collapsing the rubber intake hoses, so if you have one of those you may want to check that out. I think they make a fix for that...mine has a couple of hard spacers to keep things open.

    At least it is starting right up again.... I'm not sure about the ethanol 06 hasn't missed a beat using it. It could possible cause a rough running issue, but to actually suddenly kill the engine...that I'm just not sure about.

    Anyway...sorry I can't help more.

  3. Bulltok

    Oil in the air box and dog bowl is common with these bikes. This oil is drawn in from the front cylinder vent hose that leads from the head to the air box. You can limit this oil problem by keeping your oil level to the low side of the two markings in the oil level window.

    I completely eliminated this oil problem by plugging the hole where the front cylinder vent tube enters the air box then bought a thick walled 4 foot long high temp hose. Remove the original hose off the front head shoved the 4 foot long hose on using the original hose clamp then routed the hose along the air box down under the seat and down along side the rear shock. I then added a small air filter at the very end of this new breather hose.

    If your dog bowl air filter is oil saturated it could be causing engine flooding at speed. Something I would check is to turn the pit cock off remove the fuel line shove a piece of hose on the pit cock turn it on and see if the fuel drains freely into a bucket or coffee can. Also check the carb boots to make sure they are seated tightly. Replace the air filter, replace the plugs.

  4. pelkarion35

    thanks for the replies Bulltok and both seem to be in agreement on it being normal for a little oil in the airbox....any comment on what the service manager suggested about ethenol in gas causing my stalls ?

    bob from boston

  5. pelkarion35

    On the Air Filter, any recommendation on manufacturers ? ...K and N sells a "lifetime" million mile filter for yamaha's ...are they any good.. ?

  6. Bulltok

    I buy the yamaha brand air filter and plugs. Plugs are cheap and I replace them every other year. I ride a lot of dusty country dirt roads thru the summer riding season going to the family camp so I buy a new air filter every year.

  7. khunder102

    thanks for the replies Bulltok and both seem to be in agreement on it being normal for a little oil in the airbox....any comment on what the service manager suggested about ethenol in gas causing my stalls ?

    On the Air Filter, any recommendation on manufacturers ? ...K and N sells a "lifetime" million mile filter for yamaha's ...are they any good.. ?
    I'll comment on the ethanol issue and the filter...

    I have never heard about ethanol causing stalls in properly tuned carbureted engines, motorcycles or otherwise. I think he was providing you with the "excrement of large male bovines".

    As for K&N air filters, they rule. If your stock filter is shot, get one. I have 2 under my tank, to go along with my Maxair setup and Cobra pipes. I wouldn't buy anything else.


  8. 1CuzdominFL

    Never hadthat problem with mine and it's an 02 with 82000k. on it. Unless maybe you filled up with E85 or something, and even then probably wouldn't run at all.

  9. 1CuzdominFL

    Large male bovines or equestrians perhaps.

  10. Marg2Cuzdom

    If you were describing a car, I'd say check the fuel filter. I had the exact same thing happen to me in my car a few years ago. Swapped out the fuel filter for about 5 bucks, and it never happened again.

    I'm no mechanic, but I think that kind of problem could probably happen on a bike as easily as a car.

    Just my $0.02!


  11. quicgmicg

    +1 on the K&N air filter.... but the important thing with whatever you have is to check it and change it regularly.

    Bulltok...great comment on the vent hose...I'll have to do that to mine...THANKS!

  12. Bulltok

    Your welcome quicgmicg.

    Road fifty miles the other day, vstar 1100, what a great bike!!

  13. pelkarion35

    Well thank you all for your comments and help. However I think I have to take her in for some professional help ....I installed a new Fuel filter this morning and she stayed running for about 10 minutes before just quiting. It was just idling in the driveway and I was listening to it and revving it a bit, trying to listen for any unusual noises. Actually it was idling/revving quite smoothly then it just quit. i tried starting it and of course it wouldn't start. I did notice one thing when I did try to start it...and that is when I flipped the kill switch off and then on there was about a 5 second rapid clicking sound coming from the lower left of the engine. It would click for 5 seconds and then stop ....I tried this a number of times and it occurred about 50% of the time.(is that the starter motor?) ..Back to the bike stalling, could it be that the bike is overheating ? ....the oil level is a bit low but it is within range. Any final comments would be welcome

    thank you
    bob from boston

  14. Jak

    I had the exact same problem with my 650 hubby got me as my starter bike. Hard to warm up and stalling like crazy with only about 600 miles on it. I got the same line from the dealer about the ethynol. Hubby had a conversation with them about the lack of issues on his last couple of bikes with a PROPERLY tuned carb and they agreed to clean it out and retune it. Never had another issue with it til I traded up. I think "ethynol" is code for "we don't want to pay for not tuning it right in the first place". I haven't had any issues with my 1100 with the same gas...

  15. quicgmicg

    I think "ethynol" is code for "we don't want to pay for not tuning it right in the first place". I haven't had any issues with my 1100 with the same gas...
    .........I think you may have hit the nail directly on the head

  16. bazdorrop1

    clicking sound is probably the fuel pump. That's normal.

  17. fupar

    clicking sound is probably the fuel pump. That's normal.
    Mine clicks too.
    Doesn't bother anything. Fires up every time. No problem.

    Y'all think that maybe Sea Foam could help solve the stalling problem?
    (Couldn't hurt.)

  18. pelkarion35

    ..after changing the fuel filter and that not seeming to make a difference on Saturday...I bought some Seafoam today and added it to about a gallon and a half of what was left in my tank....Voila the bike stayed running this evening. This stuff appears to have done the trick and the shop mechanic suggested I need to use this stuff for a few tankfuls to completely clean the carbs and jets...which I will do. i put 2 gallons and another shot of this Seafoam in later on this evening and the bike starts and has not stalled once yet. ..and the smell that normal ? ...Is this stuff suppose to stink up your exhaust like that ? I wish I knew why this happened? ...should I be using this stuff on a regular basis now , or maybe throw it in every few tankfuls just for maintenence ? ...any comments would be great....

    back in business bob from boston.....

  19. Bulltok

    Seafoam smells nasty when it burns. I'd put a little in each tank full for a while but use a little less then the can says to use.


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